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very touching

how wonderful she made the connection between his words and the hearts she sees and how wonderful that she is in the right place at the right time to notice them.

i told my daughter this and added that i can't recall ever noticing a heart shaped cloud. my daughter, who always tries to look for the logical explanation first rather than the supernatural/spiritual explanation, replied: "yeah, but you're not looking for hearts--and how often do you look at the clouds?"

i told her that her grandpa frequently commented on the cloud formations and when i'm out and about i have a tendency to notice them and think of my dad (sometimes thinking "he would love seeing this." and i don't recall noticing a heart shaped cloud. ever.

sometimes i think those who have passed simply whisper in our ear to get us to turn our head and look and notice. what i mean is that i don't think your brother actually made the cloud form a shape like a heart--instead, i think he compelled his daughter to look up and notice it when she did--thereby making the connection.

what a lovely thing for him to say to her--what a perfect symbol for him to have left her with.

maybe getting messages/signs is dependent

on the closeness or type of relationship we had with someone. (the closer you were the more someone on the other side is compelled to communicate? maybe it is something to that effect.)

through the years i've lost a number of people in my life. but out of all the aunts, uncles, grandmas, friends, etc. i've had very limited experiences. i only remember one a.d.c. from my father and two visitation dreams where his physical health was first improving and then when he was completely healed. and i had one a.d.c. from one of my grandmothers--who i was very close to and who lived with us--shortly after she passed.

but for two and a half years it seems i have been so fortunate for having gotten so many from my mother that i can't even count them anymore. but we lived together for years and were the best of friends. i've never been as close to anyone as i was with her--and this period in my life has been the most difficult/devastating i've ever experienced.

a couple hours before my mom passed--and we were together just waiting for the inevitable--i said to her, "i don't know how but i will find you again." she looked at me sadly and asked, "do you really think so?" and i told her yes, i really do. and i did feel that way. so strongly--because while i was telling her it was okay to let go (from this life and this body) i just felt there was no way we were going to be completely separated forever.

and as it turned out--she found me first. and i am so grateful for that.

yet in all this time i have not had a single dream of her that i can recall. i think of her each night before i fall asleep, i tell myself to dream of her or to go and see her but i don't remember a single one. i read that perhaps one of the reasons we don't have a visitation dream is for our own benefit--being that we wouldn't want to get out of bed or we'd want to sleep all the time with the hope of seeing them again. which would possibly be the case with me--especially during that first year and a half.

A.D.C. signs

after death communications

my mom left this lifetime a couple years ago and it has been extremely difficult for me to deal with her physical absence. but the numerous "signs" she has given me to let me know she is still around is reassuring.

sometimes i get these signs without even asking for them. and sometimes when i ask i get them.

yesterday i got two.

a number of months ago--after asking for a sign from my mother--one of the signs i got was on a license plate. i was on my way to a store, my car started making a horrible metal scraping noise, i pulled off on a side street, walked to the gas station, found an attendant who walked a couple blocks back to my car with me, fixed the problem (no charge!), and i headed to the store--an hour behind schedule. when i was leaving the store there was a bright red car parked in the first space in the parking lot that caught my eye. i glanced at the license plate and the word was an unusual name my daughter called my mother (an unusual name for grandma). if i had gone there on schedule i might have missed seeing that particular car with that unusual plate name.

so yesterday--i was asking my mom for a sign. i go up to the same store and as i walk past the first parking spot--remembering about that red car with that license plate--another red car began to pull into the spot. i glanced at the plate and the word on the plate was an unusual/obscure name/word that i used to call my mom--a nickname for the word "mom". i did a double take and made sure i saw it correctly. i went into the store for five minutes and when i came out the car was gone.

i pulled out onto the street and was musing over this situation. i asked my mom if that was a sign from her. and moments later a car merged in front of me. i looked at the plate and it had a significant word that i've always connected with my mom, one that her and i had not so much as a running joke but as a running theme between us since i was a kid.

anyway--i'm wondering how many others receive signs from loved ones who have passed. i think they are more predominant than a lot of people realize. the signs are there--it's up to us to notice.

what was your nde?

i was just watching a dvd tonight called beyond death. it has two pieces with raymond moody; into the light and through the tunnel and beyond.

my mom had an obe when she was in her late teens--she was in a situation that was probably very disturbing/frightening and she just found herself up near the ceiling looking down on herself and what was happening.

no--nde and out of body are completely different experiences.

would you mind giving some of the details?

i'm a believer in spirit contact

and if you can't find any other explanation for this happening (such as your spouse or kid playing a prank) i'd say it was an ADC (after death contact)

the power going off and on wouldn't trigger an alarm to be set and then ring. at least not to my knowledge of alarm clocks--and our power went out monday--came back on shortly thereafter and none of the alarm clocks went off.

i would also say it doesn't have to be anyone from your immediate family (might be a friend, or even someone who lived in the house before)

also--the death doesn't have to have been that recent. my mom passed two and a half years ago and we still get the scent of her perfume from time to time (among other "signs" that she is still near us and around)

have you talked to your daughter yet? maybe find out if she was sleeping and what she was dreaming about.

at any rate--if it's an ADC it's probably someone just wanting to say hello. (nothing scary)

does 9:49 hold any significance?

i guess i'm doing alright

a hundred times better than i was
but still far worse than i would be doing otherwise

the tears still flow but not nearly as constantly as they did before
i still fall into crying jags but not as frequently as i did

my mom is in my thoughts almost all the time. still.
and i still talk to her--often.

what a thing we go through--all of us who have loved and lost. and for those of us who have struggled with what seems to be a nearly impossible task of accepting, continuing, and moving forward--what a thing to have to live through. the road to recovery can be the hardest one to travel--trying to pull your life back together when you know, so well, that it will never be the same again.

and what i wouldn't give to have my life back. (meaning life as i once knew it--complete with those i once shared it with)

but this sense of resolve has been settling in more and more the last few months--it leaves me a bit numb which lessens the pain and the hurt. i'm coming up on two and a half years. (okay, so the resolve comes and goes. i'm writing this and crying and crying...) i never imagined my life without her being a physical presence in it and it's amazing to me that it has actually happened.

sorry for venting, kesha. how are you doing?

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven: 101 Miraculous Stories of Signs from Beyond, Amazing Connections, and Love that Doesn't Die

it came out 2/28/12
i haven't read it yet but it sounds interesting
just thought i'd share this for anyone else who might like to check it out.
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