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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 01:18 AM
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My Mother was in a nursing home.

She voted by mail.

I took care of the mail in ballot.

It came to my then mother's house.

I took it to her to vote and mailed it myself.

Not everyone in the home had a family member to do this.

If we got hit with a major cold snap we would be in trouble.

This cold weather won't last long. We did have month of reallly cold weather a few years ago . It was in the teens. My pipes stay coverd with all the cold fronts coming in. I do not have a generator so I guess I would charge my cell phone with the car. We would be in a world of hurt if we had really cold ice storm. I have have heat. Water if the pipes don't freeze. I have a gas stove for cooking. Just need a match. I have a wood burning stove at the other house. A lot of the new houses are all electric. People would freeze here. We are made for heat here. AC is more important then heat.

I for one am enjoying the cooler weather in Houston.

It will be about 37 tonight.

We had 90 the other day, a taste of summer.

It has been nice being outside enjoying the nice days.

I do understand about the snow.

It gets so hot and humid in the summer here.

I am hoping summer holds off until at least June.

I had a $60 light bill last month, that was nice.

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