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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 9,412

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Exquisite rendition of One Voice (Wailin' Jennies - song about unity! ) by USAF band/choir

I would not have expected this from the USAF. Apparently I had some inaccurate ideas about what kind of music they would choose to perform.
THis is very uplifting and beautiful. Some incredible talent here.

This will go down in history as a major turning point.

I was thinking maybe I should say a profound turning point. Really strong adjectives are needed here. Hard to find adequate words.

Dog Finds An Injured Parrot And They Become Best Friends. Extraordinary story!

Penguin Leaps Into Tour Boat to Avoid Being Eaten By Killer Whales!

A dinghy full of tourists saw the nature film of a lifetime, right in front of their eyes.

A gentoo penguin that was being chased by a pod of orcas made a desperation leap for safety into their boat.

The successful jump happened only after a first attempt had failed, when the small animal flung itself headfirst into the side of the boat and bounced back into the perilous water.

Travel blogger Matt Karsten and his wife Anna were taking a tour through the icebergs of the Gerlache Strait in Antarctica, when they saw the incredible chase unfold.

In the video below, the life-saving leap happens at 2:00, ending the long chase scene…

The people on the boat help the penguin dive over the side into the boat!


Anyone heard any more about congress critters who gave capitol tours day before Jan. 6?

For the last 4 years, all that's been in the news is Trump. For the next 4, I want to make it about

the American people. (When asked if he thought R senators who voted to acquit were cowards.) He said he wasn't going to call people names. He just keeps shifting if he's asked about Trump. Making it clear he's not interested in talking about him.

RAchel now covering McCarthy Trump phone call. CNN covered. PRobably others. Hard to ignore now.

Calling out Trump attys for lying about Trump knowing Pence was in danger. She said more later. Raising question of calling McCarthy and Tuberville as witnesses. Curious who her interview will be.
On edit: going into detail on Tuberville call and timing.

CHris Hayes covering McCarthy/ Trump phone call during capitol attack

Was hoping that would come out in media before tomorrow.

Coolest cat markings ever. Three with hearts! Today's mental health break.













Ari Melber: "A failed coup without consequences becomes a training exercise."

He may have been quoting someone from today...not sure.
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