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5:31 EDST Spring begins

Go get your vernal equinox on.

Schiff seizes on whether Trump is compromised by a foreign government

When California Democrat Adam Schiff took the helm of the House Intelligence Committee, he quickly announced a sweeping investigation focused on Donald Trump's finances. Now it's clear that Schiff's main concern is ascertaining whether Trump is under foreign influence, and he views Trump's finances as the most fertile ground for examining that question.

In an interview with NBC News, Schiff maintained that the counterintelligence investigation was far more urgent to national security concerns than the inquiry into Trumpís potential criminality. "What Americans should be concerned about is whether the president's Russia policy is not dictated by our national interest but is dictated by his desire to make hundreds of millions of dollars off a tower in Moscow," Schiff said. He also noted the limits of indictments in terms of revealing whether someone is compromised by a foreign power. In fact, NBC reports, most counterintelligence probes don't end with indictments because criminality is difficult to prove, and the information involved is often too sensitive to make public. Public officials found to be compromised often leave their posts quietly rather than being brought into the spotlight.

Georgetown University Law Center Professor Martin Lederman agreed with Schiff, arguing that what's motivating Trump's actions in office is far more critical than any criminality that may have taken place during the campaign. "It's more important to know what Trump is NOW than to know what he did in 2016," Lederman observed.

Schiff is concerned that the question of foreign influence on Trump through his finances may not have been fully explored by Mueller, if at all. "From what we can see either publicly or otherwise, it's very much an open question whether this is something the special counsel has looked at," Schiff said. He added that the red line Trump drew at Mueller examining his personal finances is "not a line that can be observed and still protect the country."


Trump, the man is an idiot. GM plant in Lordstown..

... Why can't GM just sell it?

Good God in Butter is he stupid.

1. The plant is "tooled up" to make one or two types of cars. And those cars were not selling. You can't just start making pick up trucks in a factory that was making coups.

B) Trump's trade war and tariffs have raised the cost of the steel that they used to make the cars so they now cost more than other vehicles in the same market.

Mr. Art of the Deal knows nothing about the auto industry or anything else for that matter.

Sorry to but I just heard this on NPR and I'm going nuts.

I just saw Rep. Stacey Plaskett on MSNBC a little bit ago and she is wonderful

Smart, well spoken, and w/a real understanding that Nancy Pelosi is playing the long game as
per Trump and impeachment. She is the real deal.

Nancy Pelosi is playing the smart and the long game

The right wants our leadership to talk about and support impeachment now because "they" have been working from day one after Trump stole the election along with a bunch of other races with Russian help and so they have their talking points and lines of attack ready to go but by waiting until after the truth comes out then it will be time to go for the big I.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Schumer, and others have seen the dirt and they know what they're doing.

She is making the smart play now.

Judge Jackson might have good reason not to jail Stone but she has already gave him a warning.

"What all this means, Mr. Stone, is that any violation of this order will be a basis for revoking your bond and detaining you pending trial. So I want to be clear, today I gave you a second chance. But this is not baseball. There will not be a third chance. If you cannot, or will not, or do not comply with todayís orders, I will find it necessary to adjust your environment so that you donít have access to the temptations posed by cameras, phones, computers and microphones."


Trump's 24 Hours: A Resignation, A Prison Sentence, A Weak Jobs Report The Last Word MSNBC

Fox News is a cancer on my country

I know this is no big news to any DUer but I was just at the gym and that crap was on the TV in front of the elliptical machine I was on (going to the mountains in western MD for some x-country skiing) and they had this on the bottom of the screen, "Is AOC going to jail?"

The Atlantic: The 7 Most Bewildering Moments From Trump's CPAC Speech

The president rambled for more than two hours from the stage at the annual gathering of conservatives. One topic he avoided: Michael Cohenís explosive testimony against him.

In remarks that quickly departed from the script, Trump scolded the conservative free traders who question his tariffs. He reframed the 2018 midterm elections as a victory for Republicans lucky enough to get his support. He aimed to unify his party against the radical-left Democrats, and he claimed that their Green New Deal would take away Americansí cars and prohibit air travel. This was not a policy address; this was a rallying cry, all about making it very clear to conservatives that their political successóand their survivalódepends on him. Here are seven moments of possibly record-breaking presidential oratory:

About 10 minutes in, President Trump threw out his script:
You know, I donít know, maybe you know. You know, Iím totally off script, right Ö You know, Iím totally off script right now. And this is how I got elected, by being off script. True. And if we donít go off script, our country is in big trouble, folks. íCause we have to get it back.


He mounted a ferocious attack on Special Counsel Robert Muellerís investigation:

Robert Mueller put 13 of the angriest Democrats in the history of our country on the commission. How do you do that? These are angry, angry people. You take a look at them. One of them was involved with the Hillary Clinton foundation, running it. Another one has perhaps the worst reputation of any human being Iíve ever seen. All killers. In fact it would have been actually better for them if they put half and half, and Mueller can do whatever he wants anyway, which heíll probably. But we have conflicts. I had a nasty business transaction with Robert Mueller a number of years ago. I said, why wasnít that mentioned? He wanted the job as FBI director. I did not give it to him. Why isnít that mentioned? Jim Comey, Lyiní James Comey, is his best friend. James Comey is his best friend. And those are a few of the conflicts. Other than that itís wonderful.

Shakira I'll Stand By You

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