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Member since: Fri Dec 24, 2004, 11:31 AM
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Your words...

..."What I want to get to is responsibility. the reason I say this is I know people who don't do a damn thing all day long, so why should i or you pay for someone that does not want to do anything. we complain about the rich not doing their fair share, shouldn't we complain about people on the other side doing the same thing."

Why? Because the 6 children did not make the choice to be in the situation they are in. Responsible adults in a society should NEVER stand by and allow children to go hungry. Just because the parents may have made poor choices that created a bad situation is no excuse for not caring for children. Period.

Add to that, in many of those situations, the one responsible adult is the parent...and caring for six children is HARD WORK in my book. Anyone who has children knows that.

BTW, complaining gets all of us nowhere. We need to all be less selfish and find solutions.
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