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Member since: Thu Jan 20, 2005, 09:46 PM
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Don't really see Obama is "pushing" it. His admin is involved in talks, as well they should be.

He won't get fast track authority, nor can anyone show he actually wants it. At some point, if he comes out "pushing" a genuinely "crappy" trade deal, I'll jump on the trash Obama bandwagon. At this point, I don't think he's sold us down the river as some insinuate.

That's what I'm saying, unless military was going to take him seriously, he had no choice

but to put up with it, or walk off. His buddies didn't like him, his superior offered him nothing when he asked about leaving sensitive equipment. I think he was so despondent that he decided getting killed by Taliban was no worse than putting up with killing Afghans and staying among the gung-ho "dog-tags."

Heck, they never should have taken him in Army after he was discharged from Coast Guard.

Wayne LaPierre, Grover Norquist, Teddy Nugent, and Big Jim Porter agree.

Their members aren't what they are there for.

And sorry, a whole lot of their members are right wing bigots perfectly happy with the NRA's right wing agenda.

And, they don't let people walk around with guns at their events, like we are forced to put up with through laws passed with help of NRA lobbying funds.

Mom and dad both passed on long ago. I manage to walk down the streets without a gun.

I'd suggest you try it, but wouldn't want you to go into shock.
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