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Gender: Female
Hometown: Norfolk VA
Current location: Detroit MI
Member since: Fri Feb 11, 2005, 02:08 AM
Number of posts: 11,862

Journal Archives

I have 3 credits from audible.com to gift the Comey book

IF you are new to audible, you can get the book for free as your first book.


I am offering to those who have no credits, but want to get the book.

Even newbies are welcome!

Does anyone remember when you became an unbeliever?

I must have been an unbeliever early in life... At around 8 years old I stole money from the candle offerings in church and used same to take the bus home and buy an ice cream.

I am not sure if I thought at the time to throw the money on the curb, or thought it after I got caught...can you imagine how the nuns thought of me afterward?

Edit: I was in a catholic school, and the church was beside and a part of the school.

Is there anyone who wants to stop smoking anymore?

Or have we cured humankind of that nasty habit?

If not there is a Stop Smoking forum that offers advise on quitting and trying e cigs ect.

Why not check it out if you want to quit smoking?


In defense of Amazon

I have used Amazon for many of my purchases..free shipping cause I am a prime member. Trust me, the savings on shipping has more than paid for my membership.

Twice or three times I had problems after hundreds of purchases, and Amazon refunded me.

I trust Amazon to do the right thing.

AND I love the Washington Post!
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