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Reminder to some - we live in a Representative Democracy. So please STOP insisting that

a presidential candidate that is showing momentum and is continuing to break all fundraising records needs to quit.

Time Magazine - December
Bernie Sanders Breaks Fundraising Record
He's berning up the fundraising milestones
Bernie Sanders has broken the fundraising record for most contributions at this point in a presidential campaign, surpassing 2.3 million donations.

Alternet - January
Sanders Breaks Fundraising Records as His Contest with Clinton Heats Up
The 2,513,665 donations to Sanders’ campaign broke the record set four years ago by President Barack Obama’s re-election committee.

Politico - February
After Primary, Sanders Campaign Breaks Fundraising Record That They Already Set

The Atlantic - March - yes this was written yesterday
“People develop a deeper investment and appreciation for the campaign when they’re being counted as part of something bigger than themselves.”....Super Tuesday, when voters from states across the country pick winners in the Democratic primary. Ahead of the event, the campaign blew past a goal of raising $40 million.

Not to mention this past week he picked up 3 impressive endorsements -
1. Robert Reich former Labor Secretary of the Clinton Administration.
2. Tulsi Gabbard - #2 at DNC resigned to endorse him.
3. Outspoken Liberal favorite - Alan Grayson (also a superdelegate)

Add that to the large Latino Coalition he has in Arizona led by the Progressive Caucus Chair Raul Grijalva.
The recent endorsements of several leaders in Detroit because of Bernie's - yes Bernie's - involvement in Flint MI (I know, you didn't know about that because the msm doesn't talk about things like that)
(included in that endorsement is - "The Detroit endorsements, mostly from African-American activists and Detroit leaders," Shocking!!)

Bernie is gaining steam and momentum, picking up yuge endorsements all of the time.
His fundraising is unlimited and breaking all records - ever.

So Please, pretty please, can you let our Representative Democracy work as it was set up to do by our founding fathers & stop demanding, implying that Bernie needs to quit?

Is this supposed to be a slam? Shameful.

So what exactly has Hillary accomplished?

...some of what she touts as accomplishments have been disputed. In a five-minute video released on the eve of her campaign’s formal launch in June, she suggested that she was the force behind the expansion of health coverage to children in the 1990s.
In fact, however, that legislation was created and driven by two senators, Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). At one point, then-President Bill Clinton turned against it, fearing that it would destroy a balanced-budget deal, and Hillary Clinton defended her husband, saying, “He had to safeguard the budget proposal.

When Bloomberg News posed the question in May to a focus group of 10 Iowa Democrats, they praised Clinton for strength, experience and competence but could not recall a single thing she had done.

...part of her message in a speech Wednesday supporting the Iran nuclear deal, which was negotiated by her successor, John Kerry. Clinton spotlighted her own role in bringing Tehran to the table.

Clinton’s tenure as first lady is remembered most for her politically disastrous effort to transform the health-care system. In the Senate, she was a relatively junior member with few legislative victories that bear her name. And as secretary of state, she was carrying out President Obama’s agenda in an administration where diplomatic policymaking was tightly controlled by the White House.


And then there is this:

Unable to answer her major accomplishments as Sec of State.

I understand that she did travel the world and smooth over relations with foreign leaders after the disasterous Bush/Cheney foreign policy. That was important.
But when I compare her tenure to that of John Kerry's, there is no comparison. In fact if it wasn't for the successes of John Kerry, I probably would never have even questioned her accomplishments as SoS.
http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/12/john-kerrys-top-accomplishments-and-looming-challenges/ (this doesn't even include his unrelentless work on the Iran Deal)

She talks about Hillarycare - there was no Hillary care.

I will give her credit for going around the world advocating for women's rights as human rights.

Other than that - what has Hillary accomplished in all her years in public service? What makes her so much better at getting things done than Bernie - or as she calls it - a progressive that likes to get things done?
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