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Member since: Fri Apr 15, 2005, 10:35 AM
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"Trump has been receiving words a president typically never wants to hear"

Typically? This is anything but typical.

Trump might want out before he faces the possibility of prison.

Let's let Russia pardon him. He can leave America and never return in exchange for his leaving America and never returning. Win/win.

Americans that Love America but Hate Americans

Call themselves Republican.

A Low Minimum Wage is Welfare for the Rich. Here's How.

A low minimum wage is welfare for the rich.

Walmart pays employees $7 an hour forcing their employees to apply for welfare because they can not live in a healthy way for the wages they are paid.

As taxpayers, we pay for welfare.

So the money that Walmart would have to pay employees allowing them to lead healthy lives is subsidized by us using our tax money.

Walmart doesn't have to pay a living wage. We allow Walmart to pay employees a sub-standard wage and we make it up with our taxes supporting welfare. That money we pay in to welfare is basically profit for Walmart and distributed to Walmart stockholders.

Despite what Republicans think, people on welfare do not want to be on welfare. They want to be paid a livable wage. They work for it. They deserve it.

They deserve it a hell of lot more than the rich fucks that might get a .0001% increase in earnings.
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