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Member since: Sun Jun 12, 2005, 12:23 PM
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Winter Temperatures and Norwegians:

Winter tempratures - and Noriwgians

+15C This is as warm as it gets in Norway, so we'll start here. People in Spain wear winter-coats and gloves. The Norwegians are out in the sun, getting a tan.

+10C The French are trying in vain to start their central heating. The Norwegians plant flowers in their gardens.

+5C Italian cars won't start. The Norwegians are cruising in cabriolets.

0C Distilled water freezes. The water in Oslo
Fjord gets a little thicker.

-5C People in California almost freeze to death. The Norwegians have their final barbecue before winter. (its true - I and one friend of me, was indeed barbeque for the final time a year when it was - 5*C outside - it was cold - but the food was great

-10C The Brits start heating their houses. The Norwegians start using long sleeves.

-15C The Aussies flee from Mallorca. The Norwegians end their Midsummer celebrations. Autumn is here.

-20C People in Greece die from the cold and disappear from the face of the earth. The Norwegians start drying their laundry indoors.

-30C Paris start cracking from the cold. The Norwegians stand in line at the hotdog stands.

-50C Polar bears start evacuating the North Pole. The Norwegian army postpones their winter survival training awaiting real winter weather.

-60C Santa moves south. The Norwegian army goes out on winter survival training.

-183C Microbes in food don't survive. The Norwegian cows complain that the farmers' hands are cold.

-273C All atom and subatomic particles movement halts. The Norwegians start saying "Faen, its cold outside today."

-300C Hell freezes over, Norway wins the Eurovision Song Contest

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