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My christmas gift this year


AS some of you might know - I am not an american but have been on this board for a while - in fact many years now - first lurking, then registered for a more active role in this forum... And it have been a interesting time on this board

And I have also written a few times about my own experience with a system the US at current doesn't have - Universal Health Care - something I encountered this year too.

Last Thursday I got little sick - little pressure and a hurt feeling in my chest in the evening - but I was not thinking much about it - I always have some pain here and there thanks to some kidneys who sometimes doesn't play ball - so I just was thinking it was them who was acting up again - but the pain in the chest was not stooping - even if it was not as bad when I got to bed - over the night it got worse again - but in the end it was at least less painfully again, so I got a few hours nights sleep - wake up - had that painfully chest pain again - but I got along with my day as I usually should - had plans going to the shop doing the Christmas thing stuff - buying food - and the rest - but it was not to be that - as my chest pain contained to be painfully - in fact it got that bad I had to call my general doctor - to ask for some advice and maybe a appointment - it ended up calling what in norway goes for 911 - to ask for some help there - and they asked me a few questions about how it was - where it was and so one - and also reported it was a ambulance on the way to my address - the operator also kept me on the phone to the ambulance arrived - and I was able to get some help - at first it was a EKG who was not telling to much - but they deiced to take me to the hospital anyway - and there I was in the emergency room for a while - as it was a busy day and sadly some waiting - blood tests was taken - and in a hours time i was told I had a little heart attack - at the age of 38... I was rather puzzled about it all - maybe somewhat in shook when I was getting into another room, where they gave me all sorts of medicines - even a "shot" of morphine - to do something with the pain I had (it was rather nasty that pain) - as the pain subsided I was asked a lot of different questioning to be sure they know what it was about - and I answered as best I could....

Later that evening I was in a hospital bed - been cared for and given a lot of help and medical attention - i even had the room for myself that night and I slept rather well - as I had not getting to much sleep the night before... The next day - i was told I had to go to another hospital - as the local hospital was more of a general hospital - with not all of the expertise when it came to the heart - so I was taken to a ambulance - and was at the bigger, more experienced hospital in 12 minutes with blue-lights and it all when needed (Usually it takes 30 minutes drive from Bærum Hospital to Rikshospitalet, who are the most advanced hospital with some of the most experienced doctors in the whole of Norway and the driver was rather experienced - and good at driving!) and in 1/2 hour even operated on.... It was a small blockade in one of the blood vaines near the heart who had been the course of it all - and the blockade was cleared - and I was in another room - with a lot of monitors - and kept under surveillance to the next day.

The next day I was driven, again by ambulance to my local hospital - and kept there over the weekend - and my heart was monitored for the whole time.. The nurses, the doctors and the rest of the staff cared for me as best they could - I also had some friendly shats with some of the others who was there - a elderly couple whose husband was given a peacemaker, the lady was somewhat stressfully - but the husband was a rather laid back gentleman who often told his wife to calm down and take it easy.. Some Lawyer who was a rather interesting man - and some other people who I was talking to....

Today, I was able to go home - after been in a hospital for almost a week - and I was not paying a dime for the pleasure - as I live in a country with Universal Health Care - Some would say I have already paid for it - by taxes (who I guess most americans would find appealing) but up front - for a hospital stay who had if I had been living in the US maybe cost me 250.000 to 400.000 dollar - I would say I got a better deal - as I had not been paying a dime for it.... I would also get some new medication so I hopefully will not get that problem again anytime soon - *sigh* as I docent have enough as it is because of my two kidneys....

I got my Christmas present I wanted this year - I got home for christmas - and my heart act as a heart should do - hopefully for the rest of my life....

And I have to say - I'm gratefully I live in a country with universal Health Care who you will get your medical need attended to - even if you are not a wealthy person - or powerfully - I got in a way my life back this christmas - and that is the best christmas present I will ever be given - thanks to the excellent medical staff at Bærum Hospital - and at Rikshospitalet -

Last - I would wish you all a good Christmas - wherever you are in the world - and hopefully we all Will be given something you want for christmas - I was given my present - little early but other vice a Christmas gift I will remember for many years...

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