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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
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Here is how you know that Trump MEANT to say that gun owners could attack Hillary:

Watch the video. He was CLEARLY talking about what they should do IF she WAS elected. And watch. He made the comment as a side comment, glib and crass in a wise-ass way, saying:

"If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

Look at that. The second sentence was one of his wise-ass side comments, he intentionally goes to SECOND AMENDMENT people, and he ends with the nasty and glib "I don't know." Look at the context, the manner, and the words. He is CLEARLY saying they could use their guns to stop her AFTER she got elected.

Even if he meant it as a joke, BAD JOKE. You just don't go there. STUPID and DANGEROUS!

He OBVIOUSLY did not mean to say that gun owners should unite to defeat Hillary at the polls BEFORE the election. There is just no way. They are LYING LIKE HELL! Just use common sense, watch the video, watch the manner in which he made this off the cuff comment, and you can see exactly what he MEANT to say. If he was trying to get second amendment people to unite to defeat her BEFORE the election, he would have said that more deliberately and completely, not is the wise-ass, glib, way he made this comment. Watch the video and just use common sense.

Trump belongs in a straight jacket with a muzzle on his face.

The more that Crazy Donnie calls Hillary crazy, the crazier HE looks.

Let the bloviating blow-hard blow. Hillary and the Dems are using Trump's own words and actions to show how nuts he is. All he has is talk. And the more he attacks with his nasty name-calling, the crazier HE appears. His trash-talking Hillary like that only digs HIMSELF in deeper. Hillary is calling out Trump's judgement and ACTIONS. But, she is not name-calling. Trump is. She will continue to hammer him on his words and deeds and demonstrate how unfit he is for the presidency. And the more he simply name-calls, the more it feeds the very narrative that she has molded around him: a mean, nasty, unqualified schoolyard bully. And also, the more it alienates him from women voters who will sympathize more and more with Hillary. Trump only has his nasty mouth. Hilary has Trump's ACTIONS to reinforce HER narrative of him.

Keep blabbing Crazy Donnnie. Your tongue is a shovel and you're just digging yourself in deeper and deeper and deeper. And Hillary is going to keep playing that tape of you mocking the disabled reporter.

In Maine, Trump links terrorism to Somali refugees. (SEE LINK)

My god, he is gone and I can still smell his stench in the air up here in Maine. Trump is pure scum!


Here is what Jill Stein says about our nominee:

"Right now we have a real chance to change our rigged political system, and we must not squander this opportunity by pledging allegiance to a corrupt political insider who the majority of Americans do not like, trust or believe in."

This comes straight from her website in her "Response to Bernie Sanders' Endorsement of Hillary Clinton."

Rather than bashing Trump and the Republicans, like Nader she bashes and bashes and bashes the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton with overblown ridiculous rhetoric.

SHAME ON THIS ROTTEN PERSON for perpetuating the LIE that Hillary Clinton is "untrustworthy" and "unliked." Hillary came out of her term as Sec. of State with a 60+% approval and won her second election to the Senate in NY with 67% of the vote.

Then when she started running for president, the corporate media played the email story over and over and over again to get headlines and created a caricature. The email story is complicated, and the media distorted it and like Bill Clinton said, "We have never seen so much about so little." So that is what happened.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy, and this rotten person Stein is feeding the corporate media and right wing LIES about a woman raised by a mother who was an abandoned child and father who was a US serviceman and small business owner. She is trashing a woman who has fought her heart out for kids, women, and the LGTB community at home and around the globe.

SHAME ON THE ROTTEN PERSON WHO IS JILL STEIN. She is the classic example of the POWERLESS FRINGE. I know someone who is VERY progressive and went to the join the Green Party. He said they were COMPLETE FLAKES and he left with a massive stench in his nose. Gee, after Nader and now Stein, I can see why.

The anti-Trump messaging frame that is STICKING: He is "COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED" to be president.

Say it a thousand times. Say it over and over and over again.

I see polling showing this STICKING BIGTIME.

All Dems/Progressives need to say it over and over and over again. Be on one page. He is COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED.

Or just plain "UNQUALIFIED" to be president, and say that he proves this over and over again.

This is America's great job interview. We won't hire a person who is UNQUALIFIED.

People understand this language. The President laid it out just like this the other day, and it was great. Just say, "Would you ever hire someone to work for you who is completely unqualified? Someone who is completely INCOMPETENT? Of course not. Trump is COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED FOR THIS JOB!"

Hillary has been saying it. EVERYONE needs to say it. Over and over and over again. In your letters to the editor. In your OpEds. In your interviews. In your conversations with people including friends and family. Trump doesn't have the skills, knowledge, policy plans, or temperament to be President of the United States. He is UNQUALIFIED.

The Green Party is a joke.

A bunch of FRINGE POWERLESS FLAKES who have never amounted to a piss hole in the snow. I know someone who played with joining them and then bailed quick because they ended up being such a bunch of flakey goofballs.

Yeah, as if anyone gives a shit about Jill Stein.

Same with the Libertarians. FRINGE.

Like Nader, Stein and the Greens are probably taking REPUBLICAN ratfucker money. FUCK them!

So Cenk went on Stephanopoulos's show today and said Trump was going to win.

Cenk from TYT slams Trump over and again today as he was on the panel, then at the end has Trump winning on the electoral map and says the Dems made a huge mistake nominating Hillary because it is an anti-establishment year and we picked the most establishment candidate there is.

Hey Cenk, you are out in zero-reality field on what is going to happen in November, and, at least on that point, GO SHIT IN YOUR HAT!
You are acting like a BorB guy, and it STINKS. For SHAME! (PS: And when you show debates on your online program, please SHUT UP and tell your staff to do the same. Let people watch the debates for themselves without all the bla bla bla bullshit.)

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger and the largest political threat of our lifetime.

This is what we need to understand when we talk about this election, especially as it pertains to unity.

Donald Trump is DANGEROUS! This is a vicious, vile, radical, bigoted, rotten, and very dangerous guy completely unfit for the American presidency.

These facts are manifest and self-evident.

Trump can not be allowed to get anywhere near the people's White House.

Unity is therefore paramount, and getting out there and doing any little bit we each can to help our ticket win in this election is so important.

Have these "Bernie or Bust" zero-reality radicals been tossed out of the convention yet?

Standing there in the hall with tape on their mouths, saying they won't vote for Hillary.

CHUCK THEM THE HELL OUT ALREADY! (Or did they? Or did they just take their balls and go home?)
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