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Profile Information

Name: Chris Scheidt
Gender: Male
Hometown: Monroe, Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Monroe, Ohio
Member since: Fri Aug 12, 2005, 09:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,826

Journal Archives

8800 dollars us, give or take n/t

GoFundMe for my father

I'm not really sure, how is acceptable to ask for help. My father has Spinal Stenosis, bulging and disintegrated discs in his back, and chronic pain. He is an Air Force Veteran during the 80s. We're in the middle of a whole house remodel, and he is the type that wants to do everything himself. We, his family, decided to try to get help for him, regardless.

Every morning he wakes up, unable to completely stand up straight for 30 minutes because of the pain. Yet he still works 3 jobs and pushes himself to do the remodel.

We just want to help him relax a bit more and perhaps hire someone to help with the house work or pay medical bills. We want to finish for a family christmas party this year, but between his medical bills, and everything else, its gotten almost to a standstill.

I hate asking for anything, much less charity. But I figured DU has been good to me in the past, maybe things can happen.

Thanks guys. Any amount if anything is ok. The total for the GFM is just a number we decided on that would greatly alleviate things around the house.


Aren't Poinsettias poisonous too, even to humans? N/t

Combination of things

All going back to Obama getting elected. People were crying how he wasn't born in the US and he's muslim and a terrorist
Possibly 9/11 as well.
Fox news
Republican rhetoric.
The spread of social media, giving any moron that's breathing a voice.
Being emboldened by fox, republicans, and candidates.
All of these things have brought the cave dwellers out of their hibernation, to spout emotions, from fear to anger, instead of Intelligence and fact checking. MSM just giving these people their 15 seconds of air time, validates it for all those who feel the same, despite how wrong, immoral, and asanine it is.

That's what I think anyway
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