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He talks a good game but his own record is somewhat spotty when it comes to these principles

1.. Equal opportunity - ok, he's probably good on that one.

2. Income inequality - Obama favors the TPP and TTIP, which will tilt the scales against American workers.

3. Safety Net - He was ready to give away SS as a bargaining chip to Boner during budget negotiations. And don't forget the cat food commission.

4. "American Exceptionalism" - He knew she was running a rogue operation as SofS and did nothing to stop it.

5. Climate change - he has at least tried on climate change, given that his hands are somewhat tied by congress.

6. Breakup the banks - Summers, Geithner, Rubin. Obama is damn near as bad as Clinton on this. He just talks better.

He may agree in principle with Sanders on a lot of these points, but his own record shows he has no credibility.
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