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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Michigan
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 05:56 PM
Number of posts: 28,577

Journal Archives

Put in 21 years Air Force

My vac book is almost as thick as an old NYC phone book.

About that readiness, fun fact via The Oxford Companion to American Military History

Revolutionary War: Casualty rate due to disease, 90% of the total number
Civil War: 71.4% per 1K
WWI: 16.5% per 1K
WWII: .6% per 1K

That significant drop in WWI in great part was because to a man the US Army was vaxx'd for typhoid, once called "the soldier's disease".

As far as this ole sarge is concerned, every one of those idiots should have had their 214 the same day. "You didn't read the contract, did you bunkie. With very little wiggle room, it's Orwellian. 'What isn't forbidden is mandatory'."

Coming soon, Ken Burns' "The Great Walmart Toilet Paper Stampede" mini documentary

"My dear Karen, as I stand on line here in this darken parking lot ... If I do not return, remember me whenever you flush the john."


I'm specially annoyed about the way Stephen Colbert rags on Biden about his age.

Thank you for posting this n/t

Hedley's pre-op briefing

But he forgot the shitload of dimes.

"Pocket one penny of this money and I'll whoop your ass, boy."

When grandpaw ain't happy, ...

"No, the queen really liked him."

Male bovine fecal material.

He craps on everything she valued - duty, service, dignity, devotion.


Worse, several of documents in that bomb shell photo were whited out. The only reason has to be they are classified documents without a cover sheet. Anyone entering that room or seeing the photo would know at a glace the kind of info contained in them.

Sweet Jebus on a rocket sled.

Listen up, a-holes!! One more time, it's pillage, then burn!

Once heard on a basic drill pad as the Eager Young Space Cadets poke their left eye out attempting a hand salute.

"Just think, in a few months they'll be repairing aircraft and handling pay records."

A mensch and a grandpa.

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