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John1956PA's Journal
John1956PA's Journal
August 28, 2023

I followed this story and did a bit of research when he was convicted this year.

Regarding First Energy, the change-of-ownership transactions over the past five years are interesting. An investment firm with headquarters split between Taiwan and India is the major stakeholder. The global economy provides exciting opportunities for international investments. However, the bribery is unacceptable, and the paid-off former state legislator faced judgment.

August 12, 2023

Since I was in grade school, I have been fascinated by that area of the world.

My interest lies more with western Kazakhstan, specifically the region of the shrinking Aral Sea. However, the vast region of eastern Kazakhstan also captivates me. The falconers in that part of the world are an intriguing people, but, alas, their numbers are dwindling. The 4,000-year-old pyramid described in the article is about the same age as the Egyptian pyramids. Thanks for posting.

August 12, 2023

RW websites extoll her rubbish and get MAGAs to feel . . .

. . intellectually superior if they can recite a few of her arguments. Last week, I heard a MAGA at a breakfast diner exuberantly preaching her rubbish to his table guest. He was about seventy years old. The RW indoctrinators know the importance of giving the disgruntled members of our society something they can latch onto so that they can feel intellectually and politically empowered.

August 12, 2023

Thanks. I pulled that burgundy Continental photo from the web.

The year 1956 was when I was born. The last time I saw a 1956 Continental was six years ago at a car cruise. Its color was white. An elderly couple owned it. I spoke with them briefly and snapped a few photos of it as they drove off. I will send you a link to the photos when I locate them.

August 10, 2023

If the world and our country survive, future generations will not know what we have seen.

I realize that I am making a comment which is on a different subject than yours, but certain characteristics are the same. TFG's inane babble over the past eight years is something which all of us are familiar with. However, no history book fifty years from now will capture the breadth of his dysfunction, corruption and unworthiness to hold office. As you correctly point out, in any given situation of national importance, there are more material facts than the public realizes.

August 5, 2023

Of course. The "Brandon" chant was originally done at a NASCAR race.

I am dismayed when I see Maga people brazenly displaying that three-word phrase on signs and bumper stickers.

I did not watch the clip of the Faux Friends discussing President Biden's clip showing him sipping coffee from the Brandon mug. I can not stomach watching or hearing those Faux Friends.

It is just that, even within the bizzaro logic of their right-wing propaganda universe, I still do not see their point that President Biden's whimsical take on the right-wing's nasty Brandon chant is somehow an insult to rhe American people.

July 18, 2023

Mr. Redford is a fine person. The movie told a chilling story.

After asserting for the entire movie that he was always going to act in an independent-minded fashion, he won the race (to his surprise) and then helplessly looked at his handler (portrayed by Peter Boyle) and asked, "What do we do now?"

July 18, 2023

Mr. Kristofferson has had impressive accomplishments.

His athleticism in high school and college gained him national recognition. He completed his full term as a Rhodes Scholar with high achievement. He joined the Army, underwent Ranger training, and rose to the level of helicopter pilot. He was offered a commission and a position at West Point as an instructor of English courses. He turned it down and separated from the service. His parents were dismayed with his decision, and they became estranged from him. He relocated to the southern states and took jobs from a janitor at the Grand Ole Opry to a helicopter pilot ferrying workers to and from offshore drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. He said he wrote "Me and Bobby McGee" while sitting on an oil tank on a drilling rig. His songwriting brought him accolades in 1970 when he won for best composer for the two major county music academies - for two different songs sung by two different artists. He was nominated for the best actor Oscar in 1976 for his performance in "A Star is Born." He overcame alcohol addiction and presents himself as an empathetic person. Thanks for sharing the video.

July 13, 2023

My friend's 14-year-old grandson exclaimed, "He betrayed us!"

The instant I walked into the home that evening, the youth ran to me with alarm and fear in his eyes and exclaimed, "Did you hear what happened? He betrayed us!"

The memory of that poignant moment has remained with me all of these past five years.

September 4, 2017


Yes. In April of this year, I attended a seminar in a certain professional field. It so happened that the presenter of the seminar was an anti-Clinton (both Bill and Hillary) retired federal employee whose government service career I will not mention, but which you may be able to guess. He asserted that the Russian election intervention was limited to revealing the embarrassing emails regarding Podesta, and were thus inconsequential in the election outcome. After the seminar, I told him that, if he presented that point of view to a group having in attendance a strong, informed and progressive Hillary supporter, he would receive a strong rebuff detailing the Russians' propagation of fake news and implementation of social media algorithms designed to debase Hillary. He scoffed a bit at my suggestion. I am convinced that a certain percentage of the educated populace is willfully ignorant of the fact that the Russian involvement in the election was sophisticated and possibly determinative of the outcome.

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