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Member since: Thu Feb 9, 2006, 07:35 PM
Number of posts: 13,190

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So Ricky Rick calls the President The Government Nig****

I predict he will be out of the campaign before the weekend it over RACIST FUCK!!!!

Anyone watched the Young Turks tonight on the Martin case there appears to be a clearer video

They were claiming there's a much clearer video showing Zimmerman with head injuries I walked in the last minute of the segment so I will be watching the rerun to see what the heck they are talking about

Who in the Administration came up with the bright idea to sent healthcare to the Courts in 2012

Right smack in the election year.If the black robes knock it down as Unconstitutional it will be the biggest blunder ever in an election year

Dumb ASS spends 700 dollars on lottery tickets and didn't win shit


Arlen Spector: Romney changes positions more than a porn star

DAMN!!!! thats a good one Arlen http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/03/28/arlen-specter-mitt-romney-changes-positions-more-than-a-porn-star/

Just remember all those black robe people who are looking at the AHCA ALL get Government healthcare

Just saying I know its not mandated they get healthcare BUT those Conservatives on the court hate Government get Federally funded healthcare.

So if they strike down the mandate then why should I be forced to pay Federal taxes and SS taxes

It's the same concept I think if they strike the mandate down the rethugs are opening up a can of worms and this might come back to bite them in the ass there's a lot of things the Federal Government forces us to do

One day of arugements and the Huffington Post is saying its in TROUBLE


What the fuck is up with Mark Halperin

Said on tweety Romney gains during the election if Obama Care is strucked down as Unconstitutional REALLY MARK!!!!!

Now this is what I call a man with confidence

President tells Medvedev this is my last election I will be in a better position after the Presidential election on missile defense http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/26/nuclear-summit-barack-obama-medvedev_n_1379422.html
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