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Profile Information

Name: Home Boy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Hell, Michigan
Home country: The Great Satan
Current location: I don't know.
Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2006, 11:49 PM
Number of posts: 31,493

About Me

I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

Journal Archives

The right thing to do or "good fight" is not always a matter of political party.

We are approaching the day here on DU when we will not be allowed to criticize Dems for anything until the 2012 election is over without risking a pizza delivery. Truth might take second place. The Dem party is not immune to the blind lock step. It will be considered to be more important to make sure and do everything possible to keep any and all Dem's in office irregardless of the possibility that some Dems might not give a sh*t about the poor and elderly. IMO it's all about the money no matter what the political party is. We have drug companies that don't care about the cure but only profit ...and the same with the MIC and health insurance corporations. They are all vampires sucking the life out of us. Yea I will fight the good fight to help Obama be re-elected but I don't trust that the future of the poor and elderly is as safe as it has been before political turn coat asscarrots put SS, Medicare and Medicaid on the table. When a country doesn't care about its poor, handicapped and elderly it no longer can boast any kind of moral high ground.
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