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Name: Home Boy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Hell, Michigan
Home country: The Great Satan
Current location: I don't know.
Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2006, 11:49 PM
Number of posts: 31,493

About Me

I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

Journal Archives

"businesses" = corporate Obama and US government controllers. Is it funny yet?

ACA will be just another way to forcefully extract money for your life. No cap on co-pays? Oh wow geeze ...can you guess what that co-pay % will be? I can. Hmmmm "deductibles were to be limited to $2,000 per year" So uhmmm at least $2000 in co-pays ....well gee I can get insured for $400 a month with a $5000 yearly deductible. Problem is that I don't make make enough money to pay that nor enough to pay $2000 for an ACA deductible. If that is the deductible then I can imagine what the premium will be or can't I? Now they will delay that for another year so what happens in the mean time? I guess the IRS will be taking ACA out of my $274 a week take home pay and then let me worry about deductibles later.

Oh yea ...isn't that what insurance is all about? Take your money and not pay out? Unless you also pay for the lawyer to try to force them to pay? I don't believe or think ACA is going to allow you to use a lawyer to force them to help you.

Not only did Baucus and Obama take single payer off the table, now it's getting even farther whittled away ...and it's temporary right? Well we can't be having corporations be unprepared for ACA ...while everyone else has to be prepared to start paying in 2014?

Are they also delaying the IRS forced ACA deduction from my paycheck in 2014?

Boy oh boy ...I just can't wait for the next center right POTUS candidate telling us they will fix all this ...by compromising with the GOP enemy.

Hey ...I don't sound too pessimistic do I?

There's no point in responding to the nonsense. They are not real Dems anyway.

Clinton moved the party center right and Obama has done the same so now it's so far to the right it isn't really the old school traditional Dem party. When you see all the worship and "can do no wrong" crap you know there isn't any introspect going on so there is no going back to the left. With Obama the left got immediately thrown under the bus along with the youth voters. Now they, the center right, right and more right want our votes for another Clinton right. I'll tell ya "right" where the party is going ...they are becoming what republicans used to be IMO. Even the mention of changing SS for the worse is enough to see where the party has gone. After going thru and actively participating in the 60's changes this shit makes me sick.

I knew this would happen back in the eayly 70's. People thought I was nuts.

It is inevitable that the most needed resources will be potable water. You can live without food for about a month if you have water but with no water you only have about a week. This is already a life or death situation for many in the world. Here we are using what's left of the Ogallala aquifer to produce corn for feed and fuel. The Crystal River spring water resource has already been contracted out and I sure many other sources in the US have been acquired. They are stealing our publicly owned resource ...water. We better fight them ....oh fuck it ...keep watching your Dancing with the Farts shows.

These sociopaths (people like Paul Ryan) aren't playing ...they intend to kill us or do us great harm ...it is a direct threat to our lives. People like Paul Ryan want the poor to die and so do these sociopath corporations if you don't have money for them. This is the value of human life here in the God Bless America world ...no money ...no job ...you are nothing! It's been "over there" and it's now coming here. Is it time to revolt yet?

I am lucky I can afford to even be online and here typing text on DU.
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