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Profile Information

Name: Home Boy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Hell, Michigan
Home country: The Great Satan
Current location: I don't know.
Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2006, 11:49 PM
Number of posts: 31,493

About Me

I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

Journal Archives

My problem with DU ...our country ...and our government.

I get angry! That's not good for me ...or maybe anyone. It isn't the usual gang of DU assholes that brings it on. It's the feelings of futility, the growing pessimism, the resentment and the constant bombardment of the stupidity from gov representatives who are supposed to be smarter than your average bear ...but obviously are not. I ask myself "self ...why do you even give a fuck?" At this point I am ready to stoke up some mighty ignore functions in my brain and my life. IMO it is better to have a calm social demeanour and reduce as much stress as possible in any legal way I can. I've discovered that being on DU has a detrimental affect on me. I feel a need to better myself and reduce my over all anger. I am not too old to change and I am looking to implement some thought process techniques. 1) control initial burst of anger, calm down quicker, & let go of anger sooner 2) convert criticism & pessimism to praise & optimism 3) look for good in people (and myself) instead of bad 4) convert resentment into forgiveness. Mission impossible? Na ...I am going to back off from giving a shit about what this fucked up country and it's fucked up government does ...maybe even not vote ever again. For me it is not worth getting riled up about anymore. There's nothing to be gained anymore from getting riled up. IMO this government and country where greed rules all has gone to far off the deep end for any chance of a cure unless you can somehow get Goldman Sachs out of our fucked up government. Anyway I am done giving a shit about those greedy disgusting predatory assholes whether its the banksters or MIC exploitation and of course the ever growing group of assholes who infiltrate our imperialistic exceptionalist government so later on they can become corporate lobbyists after everything they fucking vote on is for their future ...not mine. I got to step back and ask myself if it's worth getting angry over ...and ya know what ...It's not.

A Taste of Armageddon - Star Trek

Kirk and Spock must save their ship's crew when they are declared all killed in action in a bizarre computer simulated war where the actual deaths must occur to continue.

If you remember the idea was to be able to have war without destroying everything. Kinda like our drone and missile attacks. Everything is remote. Kirk destroys the computers which play the war game and select who must report for the death chambers. OH NOES ...NOW WE WILL REALLY HAVE TO KILL IN PERSON AND OUR STUFF WILL GET BLOWN UP! Yeah ...well it doesn't escape me that they are making a remote control war real easy. Oh ...silly me ...just because we fly a few hundred killer drones in and drop a few hundred bombs doesn't mean we are at war ....does it!

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