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Member since: Wed May 17, 2006, 03:16 AM
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Krugman Desperately Invokes Bloomberg Doomsday Scenario to Scare Us into Backing Hillary


How To Make Donald Trump President

Step 1: Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders. ...

Step 2: Michael Bloomberg decides to save the country by entering the race ...

Step 3: Some Democrats defect to Bloomberg, because they actually listen to those centrist pundits. Hardly any Republicans do ...

Step 4: Trump wins a yuuuuge victory.

This has got to be the most desperate bit of political troma pornography any establishment Democrat has unleashed upon us to date. You must vote for Hillary, not because you agree with her policies but because then the big bad Bloombogeyman won't feel the need to run as third party candidate since Bloomberg is basically Hillary Clinton dressed in stag.

The desperation of the Democratic establishment to cajole, scare, scream, attack, fantasize, whine, patronize, and berate us into voting for more corporate business as usual is truly shocking. When will it dawn on them that only they (and certainly not we) would benefit from more of the same?
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