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Member since: Sun May 28, 2006, 12:08 PM
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Wow this group is quiet! I have a gopher problem. Help!

I have my 4th year vegi garden planted and growing somewhat well given my climate, soil conditions, etc.

I've lost 4 plants (squash and cucumbers) in the last week to a gopher intrusion.

I NOW know that wire mesh under my raised beds will discourage the critters but its too late for that.

I really hate to poison them, which will introduce the poison to the gophers' predators which I would like to stay around for my own selfish purposes. PLus I enjoy the raptors, coyotes, the snakes not so much, but I tolerate them unless their rattling!

So, now that I have an obvious gopher problem, and maturing plants in the ground, how do I save what's left of my garden?

I have a small dog and a few cats, but they are as vulnerable to the predators as the gophers are, especially the mountain lion that left tracks in my front yard (and across the hood of my car ) a week ago

Any advice will be appriciated.

WTF is with the slinky on Last Word with O'Donnell?

Its giving me a migrane!

It says Century Link in the bottom right corner...I have Direct TV

Someone please tell me i'm not hallucinating!

Its even there during the commercial.

OMG it dissappearred as soon as I hit post

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