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Member since: Sun May 28, 2006, 12:08 PM
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Toby needs a home

This is for my 26 year old daughter a full time nursing student working two jobs. Her so called boyfriend left her and didn't take his dog. She can't afford the rent, has to move and can't take Toby. The local shelters are all overwhelmed.

Fifty pound ,one year old Toby is happy, obedient, is fixed and has all his shots. He loves being outside and has spent the last year actively living on a rescued horse and llama/alpaca ranch. He likes a lot of room. He wouldn't do well in a small apartment. He knows NOT to chase the chickens!

Free delivery anywhere in Arizona or Southern California.

Edited to add, please K&R for exposure.

Free dog to good home

Looking for a home for Toby, a well behaved 50 lb shepard/lab mix who is fixed and has all his shots. Can be delivered with a days drive of Sedona. Please spread around and contact me for more info.

OMG! Tracy Morgan just passed out at the Emmys!


Cue Jon Stewart


LOL Dog notes from Stephanie Miller

This is so funny I shed tears! Check this out and start your day with a good laugh.


Randi Rhodes now providing impeccably researched info on recent embassy attacks


1,000,000 Americans Who Made "ReelectObama" Their Facebook Middle Name!



E mail from POTUS tonight....By midnight: 600,000 donations

Speaking to you and millions of other Americans last night was an honor.

But speeches don't win elections.

You do.

We set a goal of 600,000 grassroots donations for convention week, and thanks to folks like you who have already chipped in, we need just 55,000 more by midnight tonight.

If you can, consider donating $10 now to support this campaign again in the time we've got left.


Fired up, ready to go.

(oops edited to add.....add $.12 to your donations so they know its coming thru DU


George Clooney!

I can name that voice in three words

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