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Bob Cesca-Worlds greatest troll strikes again:The sole point of the Arpaio pardon is liberal tears


We already know that Trump was furious about the response to his response, to the chaos in Charlottesville. We also know that Trump’s response has damaged his poll numbers and seemed to amplify discussions about his precarious mental health and the possibility of impeachment. Pardoning Arpaio sounds like a great big “screw you” to critics of his three ill-fated attempts at public remarks about Charlottesville, and saving Arpaio from a prison sentence was his way of punishing the opposition by running to the rescue of a notorious birther and anti-immigration racist. And we know that Trumpers love to stir up what they call “liberal tears.”


Making decisions based on whether they will trigger “liberal tears” is nothing more than political road rage, ignoring everything else on the freeway including the oncoming tractor-trailer with the name “Mueller” printed on the side.


Why isn't the media using pool reporters at the Houston convention center?

The influx of media must be an additional stress on the infrastructure there taking much needed support from the refugees.

The powers that be are keeping the media away from the refugees from the most part.

Is it me or.....

Does everyone in this mis-administration (45 included) always sound like they're reading a 6th grade book report? Who is this war-hawk bald asshole in the press room?

---on edit, that's McMaster? Its the first time I've heard him speak, what a dick!

These people are so awful! I'm having 9/11-post divorce type stress and sleep disorders not to mention I'm totally stress eating (thanks Tina Fey for noticing). I'm so worried for my country and the rest of the world.

Mueller please hurry up and someone in the press pool ask Mnuchin why his wife is such a bitch.

Tiki Torch Nazis


License plate

Fulfilling Trump voters' dreams


I've had a weird epiphany

What if the pee tape is Dolt 45 peeing on the women and the bed the Obamas slept in?

The ultimate disrespect.

I mean, wouldn't that be more like him than wanting to be being peed on? He's famously germophobic.
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