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Hometown: New York State
Member since: Sat Jul 15, 2006, 09:38 AM
Number of posts: 7,964

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Own an expensive assault rifle? Sell it or no food stamps or Medicaid .

Sounds reasonable to me. No different than a work requirement. That would affect a good number of gun humpers. Assault weapons are all very expensive.
I just love kids more.

I have lost a child and it is the worst thing that can happen.

Everything I have has become worthless. I wake up at night thinking of him. When I wake in the morning and realize it's not a dream, I fall into a deep depression. My living children don't make it any better. Losing a child at any age is unbearable but at an early age like these kids is beyond words for the parents. Remember the Republican Party turned us into, NRAmerica, remember it every day when you wake up. Every single day. They did it. They suck. They are Satan on earth.

Are high gas prices and starting a war making us great again?

I'm not feeling it that way. Higher gas prices under trump have eaten up any tax cut I might get? Or is this all President Obamas fault.? Gas is up almost 33% under this fake president of all the people.

Are we on to the war drum beat yet America?

We have heard it before. Remember, Iraq and Libya with all their oil? Israel always wiling to stoke the fires at any chance? Chicken Hawks itching for a fight with our children not theirs? American military dying for the rich and their corporations? And very high gas prices for the world? Another big loss of disposable income for individuals throughout the world. Well here we go again with a new fake threat Iran. Lets destabilize another big part of the world again, what the hell? Another chapter out of the Republican neocon playbook.
Dogs are better than us, they love their owners no matter what their looks or religion. We can learn from dogs.

Remember Putin and Russian bots want to divide us in any way they can?

Because sometimes it seems some here have short memories and fall for the disinformation. They are still here, and some are cleverly disguised. Joy Reid, in my opinion, being the latest target of their constant campaign to divide us. i am just not so fast to jump on their band wagon and people like me really piss them off.

National guard democrats can finally tell us if there really is a border problem ?

Or if it's just an excuse to spend more money in the red border states. That's if the blue states even send their guard. My guess is most will come from red states but even there, we have some democrats that can shed some light on this supposed problem. It may be a republican sham just like voter fraud and religious values .

Fake news.......Best sprinkler system in the world in trump tower?

Real news...... no, its not.

Do we all know which local t v station is owned by Sinclair?

Mine is WRGB channel 6 in the Albany N Y area. What's yours? so we can avoid watching their local news.

The kids at school shootings see their friends dead and blown apart by assault weapons.

Things our government hides from us because the sight of it is a horror that is never forgotten. They don't just file out of school in an orderly manner. They step over their friends bodies. Their fight is about a lot more. Sights we can't even imagine that they have to live with forever. Just because they went to school. Children with PTSD for the rest of their lives.
What are we doing America, to the least amongst us ????????

A vet looking for help so they shoot him.

At least the cop didn't empty his clip like most of them do. There are signs at the door that say no weapons of any kind allowed in a v a. Facility. This cop better prove he had a knife? You can't shot someone just because someone yells he has a knife. Was he physically combative or just verbally combative? The link is very vague. As a veteran I don't take it lightly that a vet in trouble or need is fucking shot.
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