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Hometown: New York State
Member since: Sat Jul 15, 2006, 09:38 AM
Number of posts: 7,985

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Traitor General Flynn should lose all his pension and benefits we provide him.

New Yorkers just voted to do that to crooked politicians. Our country should do the same. Not that it will mean much with all he has taken from our enemies. He disgraced any person that served under him. Almost every person killed in our wars have been killed by Russian weapons. Ak-47s, rockets, artillery, grenades, you name it Russia provided it to kill our service members. Trumps good buddies.......

Agree. So few people with so much money.

Not sharing with those who made it for them. Everything is backwards now. People want to hurt other people now and when they do they celebrate it. Fake Fox News, fake religion, fake patriotism, lies and disinformation now the norm. To many feel helpless. A great country collapsing.

He is a pig but the story is about who did this to the pig? Are we still buying this shit?

This woman is exposing, idiot two faced Republicans, and who they really are.
Fake should be our word, that is why the pukes use it, so when we use it against truth it seems to have less meaning.
They do this all the time. They blame us for shit they do? And it sadly still works for them.
Please stop believing this reverse crap they and their bought for media use? Its very old now.
They use it for guns, religion, taxes, the military, health care, the deficit, the debt, everything. Please lets all of us finally wake up to their deceit and stop being played. They even have many believing we are at war against a word, Terror. How do you end a war against a word? That is what they want endless war and endless defense spending. We have to stop it, now.

Another republican Religious pig is exposed and the leak is the big story?

Russian bots at it again defending the worst of us and making it look not so bad. Barton is a two faced scum talking shit out of both sides of his mouth. A man of values would not do that to his family. Phoney fuck republicans and roger Moore evangelicals deserve no defense of any kind, they fake and are evil.

Upstate New York is full of Republicans.

They will not be happy with these tax increases. Lots of trump voters will turn because of this. As usual the republicans have over reached and fucked themselves big time. Imagine it's the same in New Jersey and California and other states.
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