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Home country: USA
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Member since: Sat Sep 9, 2006, 06:02 PM
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You are painfully, agonizingly correct

I support Obama on Iran, Cuba, social issues, and a bunch of other stuff.
Those are good.

But his support of TPP is awful, just awful.
It is awful because TPP is awful, and Obama is a bright person who knows its awful.
But he pushes it anyway.

Obama is very much a mixed-bag as a President, and not a Progressive on many huge issues.
On many issues he seems like an obedient product of The University Of Chicago and Milton Friedman.
Privatized Public Schools/"Race-To-The-Top"? Drone killings? NSA spying? "Banks Too Big To Fail (or JAIL)?
These are part of what I think of as Obama's "bad" side.
All in all, my feelings about him are, "complex".

I am not some mindless "Obama-basher", but just someone who is earnestly Progressive on many issues,.
especially economic ones. And it is on the key economic and financial issues where I disagree with him most strongly.
The "TPP" side of Obama is not the side of him I like or admire.
Sorry, but that side of Obama is just way way too Reagan for me.
Y' know what I'm talkin' about?

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