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nikto's Journal
nikto's Journal
August 10, 2015

If all discussion is kept at a level of POLICIES, IDEAS AND LAWS, there should be no problems

Issues to stay focused on:

--The Drug War (i.e. ending it)
--For-profit prisons (i.e. ending them, once and for all)
--Police killings (disproportionally of people of color) and corrective Policies: Body cams, more citizen oversight, cops must be local residents, etc
--Militarization of Police nationally, getting inappropriate surplus military weapons, (stopping this trend)
--Voter suppression (i.e. stopping it)
--need for massive national Infrastructure spending, also creating jobs
--Lower college costs
--protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare
--Work towards Single-Payer Healthcare for all
--Keep corporations from shipping out more US jobs

Talk about actual issues.

Anything else (i.e. hysterical demonstrative behavior, emoting over painful issues without considering possible solutions, etc)
is just plain old BS.

Progressivism and Martin Luther King's Legacy are perfectly compatible because both are all about IDEAS.

August 2, 2015

I completely agree with your statement

It is an incontrovertible fact that many many people judge the validity of an idea by who supports that idea whom they happen to like, rather than actually trying to understand the idea in any kind of objective way.

So we get: "If So-and-so supports it, it's got to be good, so I support it too".

Using popular "leaders" to focus and guide public acceptance of a questionable new policy idea that might actually be a detriment, is the oldest trick in the ruling elites' book.

In fact, that is the entire story of the Reagan administration's success with the American working class,
whom his administration abused terribly and without respite in a series of hurtful policies
that people loved him for regardless.

A similar thing is happening here with Obama and TPP, I'm afraid.

Obama did say he admired the Reagan Presidency (for its effectiveness, I presume).
But with TPP, he's borrowing a POLICY and PHILOSOPHY page as well as a public relations one.

TPP is right out of the neoliberal U of Chicago/Milton Friedman's playbook.
But U of Chicago is Obama's Alma Mater, so maybe it should come as no surprise, eh?

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