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nikto's Journal
nikto's Journal
August 16, 2016

Even a huge, landslide loss by Trump will not be the end of the danger, by a long-shot

The real problem for America, isn't Trump.

Can you guess what it is?

It is the tens of millions of people who passionately support him.
They, or their families, in millions of cases, have been hurt by an economy that favors
investors, bankers and corporations. In addition, these folks' emotions and perceptions have been
twisted like pretzels by the racist-tinged, highly-manipulative, NON-STOP avalanche of
venal, dishonest BS that is FoxNooz, vicious hate-radio talk-show hosts, and the hideous RW media
in general.

In addition, the racist fringe of America has joined in, with an ugly enthusiasm for attacking civil rights.
Put 'em all together, and you've got the "Trumpers".

The real Frankenstein's Monster is this group of many millions of enraged, and very confused and hateful Americans
who will only be frustrated further by Trump's defeat. They are not going anywhere.
They will, if history is to be any lesson for us, choose more and more extreme representatives to insert their hopes, fears and hatreds into, in an escalating pattern, possibly culminating in a future candidate far worse than Trump.

A solid Progressive agenda put forth by the Democratic Party, strongly and persistently, that truly helps the US middle class and working class to recover some sense of economic security,
earning power and HOPE
, would go a considerable way towards eroding and moderating this angry sub-group,
and reducing both their numbers and their intensity.

But if both parties continue their intensely pro-corporate/pro-big-business course on economic policies, IMO,
things will continue to escalate and tilt frighteningly rightward.

In the classic example of Nazi Germany, the Nazi Party only got 37% of the vote. That may not be as many
as the "Trumpers" may be right now, in America. In 1930s Germany, The rest of the citizenry were pulled, or dragged, along, ultimately, by this minority, to disaster.
With the economic collapse Germany endured, that was all it took (37%) to bend the country to the extreme rightwing.

If that collapse could have been somehow lessened or neutralized for the majority of working people,
the 3rd Reich may never have come to power.

There will always be extremist groups and candidates, but history show us clearly:
Economics matter.

Bad economics clearly empowers tyranny and oppression. This a major lesson of History.
It behooves us to heed that in America, at this critical juncture.

A bad economy for working people, combined with a common sense of citizen helplessness in trying to change it,
empowers tyrants every time.

FoXNooz and the toxic US RW media ain't going anywhere (except maybe Hell).

The milions of angry, confused "Trumpers" will
still be searching, as drug-addicts do, for ever more potent sources of intoxication.

If the "bad whiskey" of past Republicans who damaged America, like Reagan and Dubya, has given way to the "cocaine" of Trump, then, we must ask-------if Trump fails,
what future candidate will be this group's heroin? Or crack?
Or meth?

If either party does not step-up to save America's middle class, the Trumpers will just get more and more extreme,
as will the "leaders" they are likely to put up, endangering our future, as much or MORE, as Trump endangers us now.

August 15, 2016

I seriously think Progressives should start to use that term

Letting the wealthy still exist, and still stay quite rich, is one of the results, and hallmarks of,
Democratic Socialism. Sure taxes go way up for the rich, but it is an essentially peaceful process.

That actually constitutes Compassionate Progressivism, because progressives are not
eliminationists (wanting to destroy/eliminate some "enemy" via specific policies, as corporate Conservatives
ALWAYS try to do, as a rule).

Ofcourse, if Democratic Socialism a la FDR/Bernie Sanders is defeated and crushed by the elites (as it seems
they want to do), then somewhere down the line the elites are going to have to deal with decidedly
less-compassionate social movements of tens of millions of massed, disillusioned, angry people staring them in the face.

If I were the elites, I would settle this thing (and get back to helping the US middle class) via Social Democracy, rather
than something farther down the line that could really be nasty, and probably will not be good for either democracy or
the economy.

August 8, 2016

I am so happy that Hillary plans to push a VERY Progressive agenda after her election

I'm sure she'll come thru for Progressives this time, and will prove the skeptics wrong by working super-hard
to be a true Progressive President---Far more Progressive than Bill ever was.

It's going to be fun watching her stand up to the bankers like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein and
persuade them that they MUST pay higher tax rates, and face new restrictions on some of their riskiest activities.
Hillary has the toughness, smarts, experience and resolve to do this better than anyone else on the US political scene.
And she WILL.

I expect Hillary to be the most progressive president since FDR, and to work tirelessly for the needs
of working people all over the US.

When she tells those big, greedy corporate donors to finally suck-it-up and make
some sacrifices for the majority of the American People, it will be a history-turning moment
for the country, and the Democratic Party, which will be reborn and re-invigorated.

I take her at her word, and I am counting on her to do these things.

GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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