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rgbecker's Journal
rgbecker's Journal
April 15, 2024

Anybody else having trouble believing anything at all about the Iran missile attack on Israel?

IDF says 350 missiles and drones were sent, Us says 115-130 ballistic missiles.... half intercepted the rest just crashed along the way.

One 7 year old injured.


No way to verify any of it.

Why spend a minute thinking about it?

March 18, 2024

Time for son-in-law Jared Kushner to show up with some of that $2B Saudi Money.

"Come on...loyalty, I help you, you help me. Give me a break."

March 11, 2024

So I just read the transcript of Katie Britt's rebuttal speech.

I couldn't bring myself to listen again to lady's voice nor watch her theatrics.

As you can see she only once mentioned what she or the GOP intend to support: IVF babies.....this is the only program she could mention while the rest of the time spent explaining why no one in their right mind would continue living in America, much less bring children into the world only to suffer with the rest of us, taken care of by worrying mothers, up at 2:00 AM, who are fearful of the future. WTF?

Please keep Trump from the nuclear codes and his followers from positions of power.


February 15, 2024

Fanni for president!

Roman's lawyer and the rest of them just got hit by a dumptruck. They're all going to jail.

February 10, 2024

Concerning democracy: If the Supremes don't make a judgement on whether Trump qualifiies for the presidency....

Leaving it to the Electors from the various states, the votes of possibly 50 million-plus citizens may be wasted.

If they need to leave it to after inauguration, and for the congress to impeach, needing simply 2/3s of the Senate to convict rather than 2/3's of both houses to allow Trump to serve, the entire "democratic" election will be a farce. Neither option possible, IMO....so then what, Mr. Roberts?

I suppose whatever the ruling, the expected result will essentially remove section 3 of the 14th amendment from the constitution, willy-nilly, as nothing it says will have any power....even if Robert's hypothetical of an admitted, previous oath taking insurrectionist asks to be on the the ballad of any and all of the states regardless of rules like gathering signatures etc. as the states apparently shouldn't have any say in who is on the ballot or who should vote.

Maybe this will move the country to a federal standard, nation wide, and away from the state empowering Electoral college and towards a popular vote as the determinate factor.

December 31, 2023

Can I partition my hard drive and run various versions of windows on different ones?

Just got a new to me windows 10 laptop. Its a HP Workpro and seems very fast and it works great with my internet connection. I have a few programs on my old ACER windows 7 laptop that are not transferring to the HP. This happened years ago when I couldn't transfer some XP programs to the ACER...including some printers that would never work on the new computer.

It occurred to me that I could create a couple of partitions to my 500 GB hard drive and run the different windows versions on each allowing me to use my old printers and the various programs using the fast HP laptop.

Any advice would be welcome.
I'm not completely up to speed on the windows 10 system....where should I look to get to where I can manage my disc if i want to try the partitioning idea?

December 28, 2023

Israel vs. Hamas by the numbers.

Herzog last night on PBS Newshour said they had killed 7000 Hamas terrorists.

21,000 (14,000 Women and children) have died in Gaza so far.

Herzog says there are 30,000 Hamas terrorists to go.

I guess we should prepare to learn of 60,000 more women and children being killed in Gaza before Israel is satisfied it has achieved revenge and it's victory of defending Israel.

September 19, 2023

Just got my change of premium notice from Rx plan provider for 2024.

They are dropping my premium from $8.60/mo. to $.50/mo. Wellcare.

Thank you Joe Biden for finally going after big pharma and getting drug prices down.

Anybody else getting a reduction?

August 31, 2023

Old News: My Pillow guy loses $5 million.

In case you were distracted by the indictments last May and missed this one....I found this interesting break down of why we haven't heard much from Mike Lindell lately.


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