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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Gasoline prices: Difference between 1973 and 2022

Thinking back, it occurred to me that when the price of gas doubled in 1973, it seems like a normal response to the general lack of availability of the stuff. In 1973, there were lines at every station, at least at the stations that actually had gas to sell.

Now, in 2022, there seems to be all the gas anybody wants, yet the price again has just about doubled. Seems like some sort of artificial price increase. You would think the oil companies would at least make an attempt to make it look like the supply is limited so of course they need to raise the price! By the way, there is no talk of a 55 MPH speed limit and Pick up truck sales continue to out pace economical alternatives.

Carter's response to the lack of gas in 1979 was to set some MPG standards and put solar panels on the roof of the White House...now we have Biden asking for a gas tax vacation.

My move would be to ration gas based on population....ie; same number coupons for each and every American. Set the max price that a gallon could be sold and squeeze the oil companies by making that price low. If people would just get together and curtail their use, collectively, this driver of inflation would be brought under control. I think it could all be done by Biden alone using emergency powers. Remember March/April of 2020? Oil prices dropped to $0 because, wait for it, people stopped driving their cars and flying around so much. Amazing. Polluted skies actually cleared up.

Need another reason to regulate gas usage by rationing? Climate Change.

Please explain to me what Trump meant when saying Ivanka was "Checked Out"

NYTimes states Trump said Ivanka was "checked out" .....WTF does that mean? Is it some kind of Gangsta talk or?

Here's from the TImes:

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald J. Trump, long known for distancing himself from or tossing aside staff members who contradicted him while he was in the White House, discovered a new target on Friday: his elder daughter.

The morning after the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol played recorded video testimony of his daughter, Ivanka Trump, at its prime-time public hearing, Mr. Trump used his social media website to separate himself from what she had said and to say she was “checked out” during the final days of his administration.

In the testimony, Ms. Trump said she was influenced by a Dec. 1, 2020, statement by William P. Barr, then the attorney general, that there was no widespread fraud that had altered the outcome of the election. She testified that she respected Mr. Barr and “accepted what he was saying.”

“Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, Election results,” Mr. Trump wrote on his social media website, Truth Social, in one of eight messages he posted there in response to the hearing. “She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General (he sucked!).”
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