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Lint Head

Lint Head's Journal
Lint Head's Journal
April 27, 2014

It's endemic in the upper crust of our society. It's called "old money".

Of course there are wealthy and powerful people who are progressive and accepting of all cultures and races. But it seems the majority are bigoted and racist and can easily hide it and keep it to themselves within the small groups and families they associate with. Myself. As a person who has to negotiate through that society, when looking for financing or help with my next creative project, it's a bigoted mind field.
The tip of the iceberg shows through when rats like Don Sterling accidentally stick their necks out of the money hole. Then others around him who agree with him have to distance themselves or run the risk of losing their wealth and power. Big money can hide big societal tumors. And green is the color that can make anything invisible in more ways than one.

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