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Lint Head

Lint Head's Journal
Lint Head's Journal
May 5, 2014

Georgia? Really? Who would have guessed.

The State of Georgia has created a situation where the next mass murder will probably be committed there. Some pissed off gun nut will take his or her frustration out on innocent people and we will have another debate that will result in nothing. The NRA has a GUN to the heads of us all. And if we don't do what the NRA says one of their members or non dues paying followers will use a gun to "Keep the 2nd Amendment safe!" Because we have no other "real" Amendments or Rights. They are all being slowly destroyed by the same right wing creeps who want to just keep the 2nd and dispose of the rest. The Kochs, the NRA and the Tea Party are destroying Free Speech, Privacy, the Right to Pursue Happiness, no matter what that happiness is, Equal Rights in the fairness of race and the fairness that we "should have" when it comes participating in the economy. The only ones who make "real" money are the rich. Investing requires minimums. A rule that was put in place by corporate lobbyists. If the minimum wage isn't raised no one will have the money to invest in a small french fry much less a stock or a small business. The corporate conglomerates are taking over every aspect of our lives. Even our private and personal lives. It's economical and political rape and they want us to just "lay back and enjoy it".

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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.
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