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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
Number of posts: 15,064

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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.

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Trump is a danger to individuals as much as the country. He needs to go now. His entire

administration should be physically run out of the White House. I'm glad Mueller is doing his job but I don't see a "hair on fire" moment.
And I really hate it when someone says to calm down, be patient and let Mueller do his job. My reply is, I'm not stopping Mueller from doing his job so "let" has nothing to do with it.
That's like saying, "Russia has fired a missile at the U.S. Just be patient. It will probably miss us."
We are under attack and no one is really doing shit about it except Mueller. Because trump is a coward when it comes to Russia or any other meaningful issue for our country. And no one is really standing up to this Boob to his damn face!
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