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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 04:22 PM
Number of posts: 13,741

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PRESIDENT BIDEN is Saving America a Minimum of $3 million every weekend he DOESN'T golf.

PRESIDENT BIDEN is Saving America a Minimum of $3 million every weekend he DOESN'T golf.
It's so good to have a respectable president again. #ThankYouJoe

sorry the picture won't show



The Oval Pawffice®
Flag of United States
Heart suit
This Pawlentine’s Day, our wish is that all hoomans realize there is no truer, deeper love than a pet’s love and that all orphan shelter pets - puppers and kitties, especially black ones - deserve to have furever homes and feel safe, loved. #AdoptDontShop - Champ and Major



today is my BIRTHDAY. all i want is for the Senate to find Trump GUILTY & Impeach him

Trump impeachment trial live updates: Managers focus on Trump's 'lack of remorse'



HE THINKS WHAT HE DID WAS OKAY??? I say French Revolution him and his Marie Antoinette too.

TRUMP is too scared to testify in his Impeachment Trial.

TRUMP is too scared to testify in his Impeachment Trial.
TRUMP knows that "every breath he takes, he'll be lying to you ......."

((( I wish a "Parody Artist" would do a song to these lyrics. ))) Every Breath You Take, song by The Police.


i am so happy to see Hearts. My Birthday is just before V day & I always seem to SHARE

Like just ONE present.... sharing between my birthday and valentines day. MANY kids have birthdays near Christmas and only get 1 get one present. i feel you kids !!!

♥*♡∞:。.。。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。。.。:∞♡*♥ ♥*♡∞:。.。。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。。.。:∞♡*♥ ♥*♡∞:。.。。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。。.。:∞♡*♥

Hearts are needed this time. We all need hearts. I will share mine with people I know here on DU and new friends.

Right now this moment, i have tears hearing this song.


sweet & schmaltzy,,,, don't we need love?

Posted by trueblue2007 | Sun Feb 7, 2021, 10:22 PM (8 replies)

what are your Superbowl Sunday goodies ??. I make this every year


1 Cup soy sauce ( I use reduced sodium)
1/4 Cup oil
1/4 cup sherry ("Cocktail Sherry)
3 tsp sugar
1 tsp ginger
2 cloves chopped up garlic (1/4 tsp or so)
3 pounds chicken wings -

Cut the wing into 2 pieces...the little "drum stick" and the 2nd joint.
Discard the tip. Remove some of the fatty skin - It makes the wings less fatty.
Marinade chicken pieces (at least 2-3 hours) or overnight in sauce. Bake 1 1/2 to 2 hours in 325 degree oven.
Turn often to distribute in marinade.
You can increase ginger a little for more kick and putting in a little more sherry is okay too.
Serve with Napkins (you may not need them because you'll lick the sauce off your fingers)
Posted by trueblue2007 | Sat Feb 6, 2021, 05:12 AM (4 replies)

got a cheap white "valentine tree" on Amazon. It has little lights.

going to put some clear glue and white sparkly glitter on it and make some Valentine Ornaments.
Old Valentine cards will work great.

I love decorating for holidays .... and I can use it for St Pat's day and Easter!!!

Donny & Malaria "Sent The Butlers Home When They Left So There Would Be No One To Help

Report Claims Donald And Melania “Sent The Butlers Home When They Left So There Would Be No One To Help The Bidens When They Arrived”

If you don’t think Donald and Melania Trump are petty people, then you haven’t been paying attention. The former president demonstrated that trait daily, and his wife displayed a shallow demeanor. Adding to the pile of their pettiness is news that Trump and his wifebot sent White House ushers home for the day on Wednesday morning to leave the new first family to fend for themselves upon entering, according to what several informed sources told the National Journal. We’re sure the Bidens can take care of themselves, but this is yet another glimpse into Trump’s flawed character.

“The Trumps sent the butlers home when they left so there would be no one to help the Bidens when they arrived,” a well-placed official not associated with the incoming Biden team told the outlet. “So petty.” Other sources told the Journal that chief usher Timothy Harleth — a former executive of Trump Hotels who was hired by Melania Trump — was summarily fired by the Trumps before they left — not by the Bidens, as has been reported.

“Harleth was shown the door before the Bidens reached the door at the North Portico on Wednesday afternoon for their first official entrance as president and first lady,” the Journal reports. “Video of their arrival showed them waving to photographers and hugging for the cameras for more than a minute—longer than typical presidential photo ops—before approaching the entrance with their family. The heavy doors swung open from within about 15 seconds later.”
“It’s a big protocol breach for the president to ever stand in front of a closed-door at the White House,” a veteran White House social expert told the outlet.

Both Melania and Donald Trump refused to meet with the Bidens, and the transition meetings were delayed for several weeks. The Trump family’s spitefulness is common knowledge, and I’d really like to know what his supporters see in such a petty man. And following the violent insurrection that the former president encouraged, Trump has forced America to send troops to America to promote democracy in America. It doesn’t usually work that way, but here we are. We’ve come full circle. And all because of Trump’s pettiness.


My Trump lover sister is already irritated at President Biden. "He didn't mention God"

I had to remind her that President Biden mentioned GOD several times and he's a Christian. Unlike her EVIL Anti-Christ Trump.

My family = Dumb people.


And I remember, Trump did nothing like this Covid Memorial Service during the whole past year.
Our People Are Grieving the deaths of their loved ones.
I am SO thankful for Joe Biden and his tremendous ability to deal in a comforting and loving way with our nation's people.
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