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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 03:22 PM
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TRUMP IS HATEFUL. LISTEN TO HIS OWN WORDS. ~~~~> It is so easy to hit Donald Trump with his own words, but it's harder to do it in a way that's as devastating as this is. This new video from the Clinton camp uses clips from his own interview where he says over and over again that he "has no regrets," "wouldn't change a thing," and "will not apologize."
Moreover, it puts his "regrets" as expressed via his scripted speech right in the context of the extreme cynicism his campaign represents.
~~~> Good job, Clinton camp. Keep 'em coming. (( TRUMP IS THE GIFT THAT JUST KEEPS ON GIVING)) The Evil Gift.

Is there a connection between the South Breach donut and excessive pubic hair growth?

i really don't need to know

trump cartoons .... that are all truthful

trump cartoons

I've been chomping with a coworker on and off for about five years

we eat pizza

The 250 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

TELL ME please, do we really want someone like this SLOBBERING, FAT, UGLY, IGNORANT, STUPID PIECE OF CRAP as our President ?
Those "AWFUL" Adjectives I used in my sentence there, that is EXACTLY how Donald Rump talks ALL the time.
He insults people == everyone. Workers, disabled people, students, teachers, people from other countries & skin color, world leaders, women, his relatives ..... EVERYONE.
Just say NO, Don't vote for Trump.

~~~~~ARTICLE: The 250 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List
By JASMINE C. LEE and KEVIN QUEALY UPDATED July 29, 2016 Related Article


I AM WOMAN .... top 10 Women Presidents.

Commandresses in Chief: The top 12 female presidents in science-fiction

Cher Martinetti
Thu, Jun 30, 2016 6:21pm

Since we seem to be slowly inching toward electing our first female president, what better time to look at the women who have (sort of) come before her? Will Hillary be anything like these famous fictional leaders who held the highest office in the land?

12. President Lanford- Independence Day: Resurgence == 11. Madame President- Project Moonbase == 10. President Jennifer Capper - Kingdom Come == 9. President Margaret Valentine - Y: The Last Man == 8. President of United States/Vril Sarah Palin - Iron Sky == 7. President of Earth -Doctor Who == 6.Natasi Daala- Star Wars (Extended Universe) == 5. Irani Rael- Guardians of The Galaxy == 4. President Coin - Hunger Games == 3.Laura Roslin - Battlestar Galactica == 2.Mon Mothma - Star Wars == 1. Leia Organa - Star Wars

article and video's here http://www.blastr.com/2016-6-30/commandresses-chief-top-12-female-presidents-science-fiction

Sen. Susan Collins says she will not vote for Trump, joining growing list of Republicans

Source: Washington Post,

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a centrist Republican, announced Monday that she will not vote for Donald Trump, joining a growing list of GOP officials who have come out against the mogul for president.

Collins writes in a Washington Post op-ed published online Monday night that three incidents led her to conclude that the GOP nominee lacks essential qualifications to be president: his mocking of a disabled reporter, his intense criticism of a U.S.-born federal judge who is Mexican American and, most recently, his attacks against the Muslim American parents of an Army captain who was killed in Iraq.

“My conclusion about Mr. Trump’s unsuitability for office is based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect, an idea that should transcend politics,” Collins writes. "Instead, he opts to mock the vulnerable and inflame prejudices by attacking ethnic and religious minorities.”


Collins becomes the latest in a small but growing group of Republican senators who have said they will not vote for Trump. Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska has vocally opposed the mogul for months. Sen. Lindsey O. Graham of South Carolina told CNN in May that he did not intend vote for Trump or Clinton.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/08/08/sen-susan-collins-says-she-will-not-vote-for-trump-joining-growing-list-of-republicans/


interesting article about UFO's. are they out there

will i see disclosure in my lifetime?


It seems that it isn’t a question anymore whether or not there are mysterious ‘Alien’ structures on the moon. In the last couple of years, numerous scientists with verifiable background have come forward speaking about a sinister truth behind Earth’s moon.

Ever since the Freedom of Information Act was created, people have become aware that not all what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ is made public. We are talking about the numerous discoveries that have been made throughout the years and have been kept safely away from society.

One of the best comments about this secrecy was made by Neil Armstrong when he said that there are: “great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth’s protective layers.” (source) (source)

The Freedom of Information Act allows full or partial disclosure of highly classified –previously unreleased—information and archives controlled by the Government of the United States of America.

<snip> ~~~~~> In 1979 Maurice Chatelain, former chief of NASA Communications Systems confirmed that Armstrong had indeed reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater. “The encounter was common knowledge in NASA,” he revealed, “but nobody has talked about until now.”
According to Armstrong, unofficially, “We were warned away.” “I cannot go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology. They were great … and threatening “.

and here is a video

(cue music Do do do do ..... do do do do )

************ ALL I CAN SEE IN MY HEAD NOW IS the movie "independence day" with earth being attacked. scares me.
Posted by trueblue2007 | Mon Aug 8, 2016, 01:51 PM (4 replies)

interesting discussion: The Party Of Honest Abe Now Stuck With Dishonest Don

The Party Of Honest Abe Now Stuck With Dishonest Don
Historians see in Trump the biggest liar in presidential politics. Ever.
08/07/2016 03:38 pm ET

“In American history, we’ve never had a major presidential candidate who fabricated facts with the regularity of Donald Trump,” said Douglas Brinkley, a history professor at Rice University. “He just simply makes up things.”


Theda Skocpol, a government and sociology professor at Harvard, agreed that Trump’s dishonesties have set a new standard. “Trump lies constantly and shamelessly. I do think he is in new territory,” she said.


Falsehoods For The Sake Of Falsehoods

In Trump’s case, whether the word “lie” technically describes his falsehoods is unclear. By definition, “lying” means knowingly and purposefully misrepresenting facts. In Trump’s case, he often appears not to understand the difference between what he is saying and actual reality.

“I can’t think of any presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, in recent American history who wasn’t accused of lying. It’s the nature of the job, almost, to skew facts toward a political end,” said University of Memphis historian Aram Goudsouzian. “But Trump lies more frequently, and on a larger scale. Most important, even when confronted with contrary evidence, he still insists that he is right. It is a special kind of delusion.”


He added: “There’s something psychologically warped with someone who sees no distinction between facts and fiction at all. The sign of crazy is when someone believes his own bullshit. And he believes his own B.S.: Everything he says is true because he said it.”


Trump’s need to invent facts about his own success appears to be a trait associated with narcissistic personality disorder, according to mental health professionals who have studied his public remarks, with the possibility that the malady may be antisocial personality disorder ― formerly known as sociopathy.

That certainly was the assessment of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R), who, on the day he lost the critical Indiana primary in May, lashed out at Trump’s relationship with facts. “This man is a pathological liar. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies,” Cruz said. “I say pathological because I actually think Donald, if you hooked him up to a lie detector test, he could say one thing in the morning, one thing at noon and one thing in the evening, all contradictory. And he’d pass the lie detector test each time. Whatever lie he’s telling, at that minute he believes it.”

READ THE FASCINATING ARTICLE HERE. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-historic-liar_us_57a72edce4b03ba680129d06?

[[ Be sure to share this article with everyone you know so the WORLD knows Trump is a Liar ]]

Posted by trueblue2007 | Mon Aug 8, 2016, 12:41 PM (0 replies)

DONNIE SAYS.... I'm the best because I know a lot of words.

Posted by trueblue2007 | Sun Aug 7, 2016, 05:25 PM (6 replies)
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