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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Brexit - It is not going to happen here, Trump is not getting elected

One simple reason, our electorate is different from theirs. They are 80+ percent white. If we had similar demographics then Trump would win. (Easily I might add so we shouldn't knock them) We don't/He won't.

Also, I find it ironic, those same ignorant Brits who voted in Thatcher, leading to their erosion of jobs, now voted to leave. So basically they fucked the subsequent generations twice. Here the same ignorant racist assholes who elected Reagan are those supporting Trump in the largest numbers.

Now before anyone goes off on me for ripping on other generations, my generations was the ignorant college aged Republicans who turned out for Ronnie.

Hillary Clinton is going to be President of a much different Country

Obama came in and changed the course, not nearly as much as I had hoped, but I understand the hurdles he faced. ESPECIALLY RW CORPORATE OWNED Democrats. There were always two or three Senators limiting the dialogue/progress and the mainstream media willing to support the Republican agenda AND have a few Democrats to point to as opposition.

Bernie came in with his balls to the wall approach, not holding back, speaking truth from the heart. And it caught on!!!!

So now we have tens if not hundreds of Democratic elected officials staging a sit in and streaming video. Bypassing the Republicans along with the MSM. Hillary will not be able to govern like her husband did. A term of triangulation will not suffice, people are pissed and want action.

Congrats to Cleveland and HRC

Cleveland finally gets another championship.

And a Democrat Nominee has never won the Presidency when a Western Conference Team wins.

LeBron is still a dick.

I hate to be pessimistic about gun control

But based upon past experiences and the posts I see on FB today, I think we have a much bigger problem.

The right is bat shit fucking crazy, they are petulant fucking children, horrible, horrible people.

I live in Southern Cal, grew up in AZ. So when a major event occurs it is always the same, a day of silence (the idiot talking heads haven't given them the message yet) followed the next day by posts deriding Obama. (They got their talking points)

A couple of things, I expect the AZ crew to always come up with bat shit crazy stuff, they proudly vote for Sheriff Joe and likely believe Obama is a Muslim.

A good many of the CA folks are Evangelical Christians, after the Charleston shooting last year, and the family members forgiving Dylann Roof, I was very interested on how these people would respond. Not a single response, NOT ONE FUCKING SINGLE RESPONSE to what was arguably the most Christian actions in decades! Liberal friends, some strong Christians, had posts or likes, but nothing from the "special" ones.

IMO here is the issue, the righties refuse to even consider any good coming out of anything from a liberal, either in actions or proposals. So global warming is fake, because they first heard it from Al Gore and liberals. Sensible gun control, NOPE, that is a left wing idea.

A post from an out of stater and her personal contact today with a neighbor brandishing a gun quickly devolved into a thread on, "he could do damage with an ax," "if we had gun control only criminals would have guns and then we couldn't protect ourselves."

The elected Republican politicians act the way they do because that is exactly the way their electorate wants them to act. It truly is a class of cultures and I don't see anything that will make them act in a manner that is Country first. To them it is and will always be Party first. We end up with them justifying their votes for Palin and now Trump and no logic, facts, or event is going to get them to change.

Tweety is on/off his meds. Slamming Hugh Hewitt

The douchebag is going on and on with his anti Hillary list. On his second time through, Tweety cut him off and ended with, every time I have Hugh Hewitt on, no matter what question I ask I should be prepared for the response Hillary sucks.

Hugh looked like he sucked a lemon.
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