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Everyone needs to be diligent! "It is always the cover up"

"It is always the cover up" is going to be pushed over and over and over. I see it coming up in almost every interview and panel discussions. Repub congress members and media are using this line and it is blatantly false, IT IS THE CRIME(S).

It is colluding with an enemy.
It is money laundering.
It is election fixing.
It is about being bought off and providing aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States and all Democracies.

Do not let them get away with minimizing the crimes, it is akin to letting a murder investigation focus on hiding of the murder weapon.

One importing thing to remember regarding the timeline

The request to Comey would have come AFTER Yates went to the WH and told them Flynn was dirty.

To put things in perspective - SNL on Saturday Night

Out on the West Coast NBC plays SNL live now starting at 8:30. With that change (I think) NBC now plays a repeated SNL prior to our 11:00 PM news. I watched Saturday, then watched the repeat, a SNL from May 2009.

What was striking was the contrast between the two shows, obviously different casts, but the big difference was what they had as a basis for the satire.

In May 2009, in the midst of the great recession, they made fun of little Timmy Geithner, had a skit that mainly slammed the banks for the bailout. But guess what the big issue was at the time for Weekend Update? The photo op of AF1 flying over the Statue of Liberty. Something the WH admitted was dumb. SERIOUSLY! FUCKING A SERIOUSLY, that was the best they had to work with under Obama. An event so minor I had forgotten about it, and it wouldn't even make the top 100 in the tRump admin.


You sold your soul Huckster! Deal with the pain!

Huckster on the press briefing, looks like she is about to have an emotional breakdown. Tough break you lying piece of shit.

OK - Friendly wager time - what % of repubs will believe tRumps reason for firing Comey

We will likely get a poll by the end of the week, early next week.

I am going with 87% (And I think it may be too low.)

Hell just froze over - David Gregory just went off on Kellyanne and tRump on CNN

Said they are showing complete disdain for the office of the Presidency. Basically the excuses are straight out lies and added, this is not some DC drinking game!

Talk me down - But I don't see this ending peacefully

The Republicans will do nothing, and many are likely complicit and compromised. The media will partially normalize Repuke actions and condemn the chaos as liberal driven.

What I am witnessing tonight is an outraged media, just as the outrage over numerous other tRump transgressions, then the orders came down and the vast majority of talking heads got in line for Repukes and tRump.

How many times will these idiots take the bait?

Flip on MSNBC at 7:00 AM PDT. Story of the day is Afghanistan? No mention of tRumps attention to divert attention, NO FUCKING WAG THE DOG COMMENT! FFS these people are unbelievable.


The Deplorables will remain with the Repukes. (As a side, fuck them and fuck anyone trying to tell me they may come around)

The focus needs to be on the other 20 to 30% and the Independents (Yes, I am of the opinion that 70+ percent of Repukes are Deplorable)

We have optics of Chafetz scooting in on a Govt paid scooter after getting Gov't paid surgery. Good for Utah ads and good to damage the Republican party.

The big issue is the Rose Garden Kegger, there is no way to spin that one for anyone who is not a Deplorable. The majority of the Majority Party threw a pep rally, led by the Head Deplorable. A rally specifically celebrating kicking millions off of Health Care and increasing risks on all but the upper 1%.

Now in my opinion, the mistake Clinton made was apologizing for the Deplorable remark. She should have doubled down, stated 50% is being kind.


The way to win is to stand on their fucking necks until they beg for mercy, then stomp on their fucking necks harder. Until Dems get this we are going to continue to lose.

To sum up Comey's logic - anyone correct me if I'm wrong

Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phx is suspicious thus the information on Hillary Clinton must be given out to the American public even though there is NO evidence of wrong doing.

tRump officials meetings with Russians, while suspicious, does not rise to the level of suspicious activity that should be given out the the American public.

I am not sure how ANY logical person can argue that there are only two consistent actions:

1. Release information on both
2. Do not release information on either


Option 2 is the ONLY valid option that upholds the duty of his office.
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