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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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Need some understanding from those in/from Houston or a flood prone area

I keep hearing people interviewed who state this is the second or third flood they have gone through, but by far the worst. They then state that flood water made it into their house during the previous floods but never to this level.

Here is my confusion, what is the thought process that makes them think it won't continue to get worse?

Do they get together with the city/community and try to come up with diversion plans/disaster preparedness?

I assume it is extremely hard to get local governments to change but would think that Repubs and Dems would be united in these areas on spending money on prevention.

Those not evacuating - and my experience

MSNBC just interviewed a guy in Corpus Christi who was not leaving, in a garage with family/neighbors, drinking beer. He commented that it won't be as bad as they say it will be.

So I live in a fire area in CA, we have had optional evacuation twice in the last twenty years. I did not leave, other neighbors and friends used my garage as a staging area. Here is the difference, we weren't drinking beer, we were monitoring and assisting. For example, tree caught fire from an ember, fire fighters were fighting fire at entry to canyon, we were able to be thirty yards back and use a hose to knock down the fire.

Previous to the fire hitting close, the firemen walked through, gave advice (keep garage door closed, move chemicals outside in bin, etc) we also helped them move wood lawn furniture and toys from the backyards dropping to the canyon into front yards across the street.

Across the street and at the end of the street the houses backed up to the canyon. The houses are stucco with tile roof so a house across the street would have to catch, roof collapse or open, then my row of houses might catch. We had a plan, jump the wall behind my house, run through a backyard and down a street about 1/4 mile where we had staged ALL cars so none were in a garage. And this was the big diffence, there was no way we would be cut off into an island and require assistance, the worse thing that would happen was skinning our shins jumping the back wall. (One neighbor was unsure he could scale the wall, so we put out a step stool, a few days later we challenged him to try jumping the wall, no problem)

These people in CC are not using any logic, drinking beer and thinking it won't be as bad as those elitist claim is sure way to put others in danger.

Watching MSNBC off and on this morning - Clinton response - What a load of bullshit

So every show is reviewing what happened on election day based upon HRCs book.

I have not seen one of them bring up the biggest factor, THE MEDIA, they all ignore what they did the entire campaign, focus on Clinton's negative stories while promoting tRump.

Now I did learn one thing, tRump, on election day, won Michigan by 11, (excludes dumping of ballots) Florida and PA by 17, and Wisconsin by 29. I call bullshit! On both the MSN and the election day spreads.

Happy to see some Republicans start to break from tRump - For example

Yup, one more time, Republicans aren't going to do jack shit to fix the mess they created.

Phx protesters - tRump needs a win - don't give it to him

Be extremely careful out there today. tRump is wounded and has been made to look like an ass numerous times over the last week. He needs a win and a clear win would be for him to point at some counter protest as being out of hand. Hell he tried to do that in Boston on Saturday but it was so ridiculous that it was ignored. (And it shouldn't have been, media helping him again)

Am I suggesting that he would stage some type of Reichtag event? Hell yes, I guarantee you they will have agent provocateurs in the crowd. So be very careful, look for clues and signs and shut them down quickly and peacefully.

So the networks couldn't get anyone from the admin to show up for the Sunday shows

The admin shut down a hole bunch of committees, what is the deal?

Are they having a collective temper tantrum?

Is Muehler getting to close and they have all given up.

Very strange end to his worse week, yet.

Be prepared for the RW talking point on Boston

They will find a picture of some garbage on the street or at the edge of the Commons.

And the response...your garbage comes dressed in a white polo with khaki slacks.

What are the plans for tRump Counter Protest

A unique opportunity to shut the Orange shitstain down. Time to go big, I am in SoCal and willing to drive in, I think a huge turnout is possible.

OK - Today seems to prove that counter protesting works - HUGE opportunity for Phx - tRump rally

Seems like a great time to descend on Phx, a million counter protesters would shut down tRump for the year.

Any Indivisible Phx members online? What are the plans for counter protests? I am available to drive in from SoCal

@ TheRealDonaldTrump you pussy!

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