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Member since: Sat Jun 16, 2007, 01:28 AM
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Hillary's last paid speech - At Camp Conference, Hillary Addresses 'Fun Deficit' (Full Video)

I'm sure you've all seen it already, but just in case:

Better than a transcript. It's video.

Article HERE

Hillary's last paid Speech - (CLINTON GROUP)

I figure you all may have seen it already, but I ran across it answering a post earlier and thought i'd post it here. She's funny! And brilliant.

Neither she nor Obama supported the 2008 version of the Bill. Obama in fact

stalled action on the bill for three years, until 2011, to the great moaning and groaning of of the Republicans. Not only was the bill revised to protect displaced workers, there were contingencies put in place that Columbia had to meet before we would agree to vote on the revised bill.


The US and Columbian governments signed an "Action Plan" agreement in April of 2011 which listed objectives that the Columbian government had to meet in order for the FTA to go forward. This link below, discusses status of the protections put in place for the Columbian workers as of mid October 2011:


The revised bill finally came for a vote at the end of October 2011.

So Hillary did not lie. She never supported the lousy Bush bill. She did support Obama in the revised version of the bill, and the action agreement that was made with Columbia about reforms and protections for the Coumbians.

editing to say that her emails were in the October time frame when the US was finally ready to move forward after the Columbians had implemented the Action Plan items.

editing again because I am the Queen of Typos.

Hillary has used it for a long long time

Here from 2012

And she was using it in this campaign before Bernies ad.

Clinton and that Citizen United "litmus" meme - link to AUDIO (CLINTON GROUP)

Someone responded to a post of mine by saying Hillary's wouldn't commit to appointing a SCOTUS against CU - which surprised me because i've heard her say that it would be a big factor in her choice, several times. So I figured it was some misinformation from a GDP post. I found one, posted the audio link to Hillary's conversation with Matthews about SCOTUS.

Here it is in case you need it for anything.




As mentioned above, there were no laws made.

These passed the Senate:

S.Res.52 - A resolution honoring Shirley Chisholm for her service to the Nation and expressing condolences to her family, friends, and supporters on her death.

S.Res.490 - A resolution recognizing the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for 50 years of service to the performing arts.

S.Res.334 - A resolution recognizing the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

There are a LOT of other proposals from the Civil Rights History Project Act of 2008, to a wide variety of health and education related submissions, but I didn't include them because they did come to a floor vote.

You really need to do your homework.

She was in High School when she "supported" Goldwater.
By her junior year in college she had left the part of her parents and was a solid Dem.

"...In her junior year, Rodham became a supporter of the antiwar presidential nomination campaign of Democrat Eugene McCarthy.[27] In early 1968, she was elected president of the Wellesley College Government Association and served through early 1969.[25][28] Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rodham organized a two-day student strike and worked with Wellesley's black students to recruit more black students and faculty.."

"...Rodham then entered Yale Law School. There she served on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action.[38] During her second year, she worked at the Yale Child Study Center,[39] learning about new research on early childhood brain development and working as a research assistant on the seminal work, Beyond the Best Interests of the Child (1973).[40][41] She also took on cases of child abuse at Yale–New Haven Hospital[40] and volunteered at New Haven Legal Services to provide free legal advice for the poor.[39] In the summer of 1970 she was awarded a grant to work at Marian Wright Edelman's Washington Research Project, where she was assigned to Senator Walter Mondale's Subcommittee on Migratory Labor. There she researched migrant workers' problems in housing, sanitation, health and education.[42] Edelman later became a significant mentor.[43] Rodham was recruited by political advisor Anne Wexler to work on the 1970 campaign of Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Joseph Duffey, with Rodham later crediting Wexler with providing her first job in politics.[44]..."

"...Rodham began a year of postgraduate study on children and medicine at the Yale Child Study Center.[52] Her first scholarly article, "Children Under the Law", was published in the Harvard Educational Review in late 1973.[53] Discussing the new children's rights movement, it stated that "child citizens" were "powerless individuals"[54] and argued that children should not be considered equally incompetent from birth to attaining legal age, but that instead courts should presume competence except when there is evidence otherwise, on a case-by-case basis.[55] The article became frequently cited in the field.[56]..."

"...During her postgraduate study, Rodham served as staff attorney for Edelman's newly founded Children's Defense Fund in Cambridge, Massachusetts,[57] and as a consultant to the Carnegie Council on Children.[58] In 1974 she was a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington, D.C., advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal.[59] Under the guidance of Chief Counsel John Doar and senior member Bernard Nussbaum,[40] Rodham helped research procedures of impeachment and the historical grounds and standards for impeachment.[59] The committee's work culminated in the resignation of President Richard Nixon in August 1974.[59]..."

It's wikipedia, but their sources are cited.

This was a great read and very informative.

Thank you!

As of January 31

he has raised IN TOTAL $74,369,254 - which is over 25 million LESS - than the ad buy totals for just the primary in New Hampshire.

And if you count just the Republican 80% spent, they still spent more than he has raised in total so far.
He currently does not have the financial support to run a GE campaign. They will have to raise money, tons of it, to be competitive in the GE.


Hillary has raised more in total, but not nearly enough to bankroll a GE run yet. The advantage she has over Bernie financially, is the SuperPAC money. I want the big money out of politics as much as anyone does, but as long as the Republicans are making use of it, I am glad she is too.


Hillary and the Is She a Progressive or a Moderate? question...

I have posted this in another thread and am OP'ing it here.

Hillary Clinton Was Liberal. Hillary Clinton Is Liberal.

"...Clinton was one of the most liberal members during her time in the Senate. According to an analysis of roll call votes by Voteview, Clinton’s record was more liberal than 70 percent of Democrats in her final term in the Senate. She was more liberal than 85 percent of all members. Her 2008 rival in the Democratic presidential primary, Barack Obama, was nearby with a record more liberal than 82 percent of all members — he was not more liberal than Clinton.

Clinton also has a history of very liberal public statements. Clinton rates as a “hard core liberal” per the OnTheIssues.org scale. She is as liberal as Elizabeth Warren and barely more moderate than Bernie Sanders. And while Obama is also a “hard core liberal,” Clinton again was rated as more liberal than Obama..."

There is quite a bit more at the link. She has always advocated for universal health care, and the flip flop talking points have to do with what she is saying NOW about the political climate.

That said, she talks about the business of governing from the center, which she does, while advocating liberal issues. And it is necessary in a representative democracy like ours, to work with the other side, from the middle, in order to make any lasting progress at all. It is pretty much designed to work that way, so one faction cannot pass policy that doesn't represent the majority of the people. Each side has voters expecting their congress people to support the policies they campaigned on. The only way we have to counter it, is to outnumber the Reps in congress, and maintain those numbers, or it would all flip back again when more Reps were elected. Right now, as the election stands, experts say we may be able to retake the Senate, but not the House because it would take apx 30 seats to turn over, and there only appear to be about 10 that are competitive.

I think the only way to a permanent progressive country, is to move moderate right voters leftward. Then we would have a clear majority. Not an easy talk with 20+ years of people like Rush and Glenn Beck scaring the crap out of people. But I think Trump's popularity shows that they are beginning to get the fact that their elected politicians are actually making things much worse.

There may be other ways, but I cannot think of any which would give us a solid majority not subject to constant election changes.
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