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zentrum's Journal
zentrum's Journal
November 18, 2017

Support Al: (202) 224-5641

As a woman who has been harassed since I was a young girl, including junior high school teachers, on up to professors in college and on into professional life, I understand this issue from the inside. And I intend to call Al tomorrow morning and tell him I stand by him.

(202) 224-5641

I'm disappointed in him that he thinks such antics are cute, funny or adorable. This kind of unawareness on his part grows out of systemmic patriarchal culture, in general. It's the air we breathe. But his actions don't come from a deep-seated need to have power over a woman.

I'm impressed that he's asking for an investigation of himself.

I'll be no part of drumming this good man, whom we need now more than ever, out of office for this stupid sour joke. Paul Wellstone, his mentor and role model, would agree, I'm sure.

June 23, 2017

They've Got Theirs. The Hell With the Rest of America. A Call to All Democratic Leaders

The Democrats need to immediately publish the benefits the people in Congress receive in their Heath Care Plan. For life. That they voted for on their own behalf.

To many not-old, healthy people in America this cut to medicaid seems to not effect them. It’s happening “over there”, “far away” to “others”. No. It will come for everyone. Anyone who needs to put a parent in a nursing home. Or who needs to hire a home health aide. Anyone who will someday need a nursing home themselves. Anyone who has an unforeseen health catastrophe.

The Democrats need to immediately push back and push back hard with a Big Solution, and not just with wonky details:

1) Publicize the luxe health care provided for Congress.
2) Publicize the eventual need for Medicaid of every person, in one way or another. NPR reports that one in five Americans depend on Medicaid right now.
3) Launch a huge campaign for Single Payer. Now is the time. Be aggressive. Not defensive.

Seize the moment.

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