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Cuomo aide, who is accused of helping cover up nursing-home death tolls, was once a professor of eth

Source: Business Insider via MSN

>Linda Lacewell, a top Cuomo aide, is accused of covering up the number of New York's nursing-home deaths.

>Lacewell was previously Cuomo's Chief of Staff and oversaw "ethics and law enforcement matters."

>She also taught classes on ethics in government at New York University's School of Law.

One of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's senior aides who faces allegations involving the nursing-home death toll cover-up previously taught classes on ethics in government, legal news website Law & Crime reported.

Linda Lacewell, the head of New York's Department of Financial Services, is one of the three top aides accused of changing a report to conceal the real number of deaths in the state's nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to The New York Times.

The Cuomo administration publicly cited figures that were roughly 50% lower than the real death toll, The Times reported.

Lacewell, who formerly served as Cuomo's Chief of Staff, is one of the officials who is alleged to have directed the removal of COVID-19 deaths from the report, the New York Post reported.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/cuomo-aide-who-is-accused-of-helping-cover-up-nursing-home-death-tolls-was-once-a-professor-of-ethics-in-government/ar-BB1ezrKT?ocid=msedgntp

IMO the best approach to WV and other red or swing states

is to bully through programs where the current GOP voters benefit and some feel safer and more hopeful about the future.

That is what FDR did. Use the Green New Deal to bring jobs and awareness to rural America.

Some folks are too lodged in their racism or church or selfishness. Some people also want to be good and be safe.

New satellite images show Northern California's kelp forest almost gone. Here's the reason

New satellite images show Northern California's kelp forest almost gone. Here's the reason

Tara Duggan March 5, 2021 Updated: March 5, 2021 8:32 p.m.

The kelp forest that only eight years ago formed a leafy ocean canopy along the Northern California coast has almost completely disappeared, and scientists who study kelp and the species that depend on it are worried about its inability to bounce back.

A new study from UC Santa Cruz found that the kelp forest on the Sonoma and Mendocino coast has declined by an average of 95% since 2013. It analyzed satellite imagery going back to 1985 to investigate how a series of factors led to the kelp forest’s abrupt decline, including an explosion in the population of purple sea urchin, which eats it, and two marine heat waves. The research shows the unprecedented destruction was related to unusual ocean warming and that the kelp forest likely won’t recover any time soon, partly because removing the urchins is so difficult.

“They can actually survive under starvation conditions,” said Meredith McPherson, a graduate student at UC Santa Cruz’s Ocean Sciences department and coauthor of the study. “The impact has been that basically there is no kelp forest at all left, really.”

Bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) usually thrives in the rocky coastal zones of Sonoma and Mendocino counties and creates a habitat for many types of fish and invertebrates, including abalone, sea urchin, jellyfish and sea snails. Its disappearance also has had impacts on local tourism and other businesses — the abalone fishery closed to recreational divers in 2018, and Mendocino County’s commercial red sea urchin fishery is almost completely shut down.

remainder of article (incudes photos and maps) at : https://www.sfchronicle.com/local/environment/article/New-satellite-images-show-Northern-California-s-16001922.php

Dr. Fauci quoted today in a MSN article

So much is not yet known. Like what about the mutations? What degree of herd immunity is even achievable?

>>Dr. Fauci Calls COVID "Nefarious"

When asked if other viruses mutate similarly to how COVID-19 has, he admits that they do, even some "much more quickly and easily" than it. However, it is the "constellation of characteristics" of COVID that he finds to be "very problematic."

"I can say of the viruses that I've had to deal with in my multi multi-decade career of now over 40 years. Have I seen viruses that mutate this much? The answer is yes, but what I have never seen is the constellation of characteristics of a virus that if you want to make a metaphor out of it, is so nefarious on the one hand—it infects many, many people, has great deal of efficiency of transmission, and yet maybe 40% or more of people don't get any symptoms at all," he explained.

He also added that viruses' tendency to spread asymptomatically is also very problematic—as is the fact that severity of infection is somewhat unpredictable. "50% of all the infections that are transmitted or transmitted by people who either never will get any symptoms or are presymptomatic," he pointed out. "The reason that's so disturbing, because on the one hand, if you looked at that, you say, well, that's a relatively benign virus. However, it also has the capability of selecting out vulnerables and we know who they are—the elderly, those with underlying conditions, every once in a while, relatively speaking unusual, it will get a young, healthy person who has no underlying conditions—but it has this nefarious way of really getting to the vulnerables and creating a high percentage of morbidity and mortality."

"So you have this unusual virus that for so many people is trivial," he continued. "It gives them, you know, relatively minor, maybe even no symptoms at all. And on the other hand, it has accounted for over 430,000 deaths in the United States in a year. You know, I've never seen anything so dichotomous as that, where on the one hand looking benign for so many on the other hand being absolutely deadly for others.


I had the first shot of the Moderna vaccine on Wednesday.

I had a cv19 vaccine Wednesday AM. Had it about two miles from my home at the Indian Health Service Clinic. The Indian Health Service is Federal and outside the State and County distribution of vaccine.

The appointments are scheduled 1/2 hour apart. They take temperature at the door. After taking temperature at the door, one person/party (there was a married couple after me) is allowed at a time in waiting room and then taken to one of several treatment rooms. I was given a questionnaire about allergies and other conditions. There is another informational form, among other things stated is that the vaccine does not have full FDA approval. The local doctor then talked to me about what to expect and the risks specifically mentioning the recent Sheriff thing in Placer County in the news (I am in California as well) and that the risk of an allergic reaction was extremely low. Also the shot may cause some pain and black and blue following but probably not and some folks might feel a tad ill for a day or two. So had zero wait and my only contact was with three medical workers that I know.

Note I also have a problem with needles and, while haven't gone full pass out in years, have that history and get fainty and anxious with needles. But have learned to inject insulin each day. Have a port in my chest from chemo in 2018 still used for regular labs and requiring maintenance as well. Need to travel several hours for the Infusion Lab.

I had no after effects. When I took my next shower, I took off the bandage from the site with my mind going to why is that bandage there before oh yeah the cv19 shot. Also they gave me a card to carry documenting cv19 treatment status and scheduling the 2nd injection. Note I am a senior citizen that went through chemo for non Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2018 and had surgery (a 6 hur drive to near Sacramento accompanied by a friend) for a separate cancer in January 2020 and have several other risk factors. Was given the card during an exit interview and 15 minute wait to see if any immediate adverse impacts. A staff member sat and chatted with me during the wait for release. I was told that their experience (the staff had all been vaccinated and one had been infected and treated for the virus) was that they had some vague illness with the 2nd shot but nothing of note with the first shot. I was given some informational material to take home we reviewed after the shot.

This shot was as easy as pie. No wait and treated with care.

No doubt some GOP house members are complicit in the failed violent coup.

May the guilty be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.

The message needs to be sent.

Ill-hearted dim-minded lunatics abound, replicate, and feed mental illness to their young.

The cursed are in the way of any attempts to give humanity chances to be honest, just, and kind.

74 Million need to have their face rubbed into the Trump fiasco and then have the carcass

tied to their necks until it drops off. They should never forget. Those that saw and fought back will never forget.

May many of their most cherished assumptions about life and reality be shaken to their core beings. Learn to love.

Look to the ownership of the MSM.

The MSM sets the bounds of what is open for public discourse, confuses a much as enlightens by design, provides personalities that some like and other hate, and serves to normalize outrageous events and creeping fascism in general.

Need new Fairness Doctrine and anti-trust to break up the current media companies.

The CIA does not have clean hands (and never did). One ofthe CIA's main missions back when founded in 1947s was to imbed the various media with CIA assets.

Don't think Dr. Josef Mengele worried about losing his medical license.

That said, Trump probably did have the virus.

On the other hand, Trump deciding that the nation is going to accept we are beaten by the virus as a strategy is essentially a form of genocide in that the aged, ill, disabled, poor, and minorites of color are more likely to die or have lingering effects.

Attendant to the most effected by the virus, there will be less to pay out in SS, SSI, Medicare, retirement in general, etc. and at the same time economic opportunity from what Klein correctly named disaster capitalism.

Trump and enablers are essentially Murderers.

NOLO on deliberately spreading an infectious disease.

Is It a Crime to Intentionally Get Someone Sick?

A person whose intentional or reckless behavior spreads an infectious disease, such as HIV, SARS, or COVID-19, could face criminal charges.

Spreading the common cold doesn’t carry criminal consequences. But intentional or reckless behavior that spreads a disease with serious public health consequences—such as HIV, SARS, Ebola, or COVID-19—can result in criminal charges.

A majority of states have communicable disease laws that make it a crime to expose another person to a contagious disease on purpose. Even without a specific communicable disease statute, all states have general criminal laws—such as assault, battery, and reckless endangerment—that can be used to prosecute people for spreading diseases intentionally or recklessly. And if emergency public health orders are in place, prosecutors can charge people with violations of quarantine and other emergency orders.

Criminal communicable disease laws typically focus on infectious diseases with serious public health implications that spread through contact with an infected person’s blood, saliva, mucus, or other bodily fluids. Some states have laws that are specific to a particular disease, like HIV, or a category of diseases, like sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Other states have laws that address communicable diseases generally. These laws and their punishments differ significantly among states.

more at: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/is-it-a-crime-to-intentionally-get-someone-sick.html

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