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Member since: Thu Jul 26, 2007, 04:26 PM
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New Bob Dylan release - Murder Most Foul


There was another earthquake today off the coast of Humboldt county

Today's earthquake was 4.8 after last weeks earthquake of 5.2 (that occurred the same day as the recent Utah earthquake that caused the angel Moroni to lose his trumpet. I did not think the events were linked but maybe wrong?


Seems likely that there will be some fundamental changes in how the USA operates post

the corona virus given the stark inadequacies we now face.

One can reasonably predict that the USA will reach a deflection point only comparable to:

1) Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War

2) Civil War and end of slavery

3) Great Depression and WWII

There is great risk at hand. No doubt some elite "utopians" are looking at the pandemic as thinning the herd and opportunities for disaster capitalism. The situation could even degrade into hot war(s)

What do you predict for the political economy of the USA once "healed" from the corona virus pandemic?
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