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PufPuf23's Journal
PufPuf23's Journal
January 31, 2021

I had the first shot of the Moderna vaccine on Wednesday.

I had a cv19 vaccine Wednesday AM. Had it about two miles from my home at the Indian Health Service Clinic. The Indian Health Service is Federal and outside the State and County distribution of vaccine.

The appointments are scheduled 1/2 hour apart. They take temperature at the door. After taking temperature at the door, one person/party (there was a married couple after me) is allowed at a time in waiting room and then taken to one of several treatment rooms. I was given a questionnaire about allergies and other conditions. There is another informational form, among other things stated is that the vaccine does not have full FDA approval. The local doctor then talked to me about what to expect and the risks specifically mentioning the recent Sheriff thing in Placer County in the news (I am in California as well) and that the risk of an allergic reaction was extremely low. Also the shot may cause some pain and black and blue following but probably not and some folks might feel a tad ill for a day or two. So had zero wait and my only contact was with three medical workers that I know.

Note I also have a problem with needles and, while haven't gone full pass out in years, have that history and get fainty and anxious with needles. But have learned to inject insulin each day. Have a port in my chest from chemo in 2018 still used for regular labs and requiring maintenance as well. Need to travel several hours for the Infusion Lab.

I had no after effects. When I took my next shower, I took off the bandage from the site with my mind going to why is that bandage there before oh yeah the cv19 shot. Also they gave me a card to carry documenting cv19 treatment status and scheduling the 2nd injection. Note I am a senior citizen that went through chemo for non Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2018 and had surgery (a 6 hur drive to near Sacramento accompanied by a friend) for a separate cancer in January 2020 and have several other risk factors. Was given the card during an exit interview and 15 minute wait to see if any immediate adverse impacts. A staff member sat and chatted with me during the wait for release. I was told that their experience (the staff had all been vaccinated and one had been infected and treated for the virus) was that they had some vague illness with the 2nd shot but nothing of note with the first shot. I was given some informational material to take home we reviewed after the shot.

This shot was as easy as pie. No wait and treated with care.

January 14, 2021

No doubt some GOP house members are complicit in the failed violent coup.

May the guilty be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.

The message needs to be sent.

Ill-hearted dim-minded lunatics abound, replicate, and feed mental illness to their young.

The cursed are in the way of any attempts to give humanity chances to be honest, just, and kind.

January 11, 2021

74 Million need to have their face rubbed into the Trump fiasco and then have the carcass

tied to their necks until it drops off. They should never forget. Those that saw and fought back will never forget.

May many of their most cherished assumptions about life and reality be shaken to their core beings. Learn to love.

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