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PufPuf23's Journal
PufPuf23's Journal
July 3, 2021

Meanwhile in Shasta county, California the local militia leader

hits a speed bump and Redding PD does not look so hot.

Shasta county has good stuff like the Cottonwood militia; the Red White and Blueprint (to make the USA a red nut job paradise community by community), and Bethel Church.

Here is a link to a local internet news site that leans left in deep red Shasta county.


Note that link is down at the moment and says. "Note from Doni: sorry for the confusion; fixing the site. Read the latest story here: https://tinyurl.com/zapata-videos


There were times during the last 59 days when Nathan Pinkney nearly lost hope. He wondered if his memory of the May 4 assault upon him at his former workplace, the Market Street Blade & Barrel restaurant, was accurate.

During those nearly two months of wondering and waiting for the Redding Police Department to finally release the surveillance video that he knew would surely exonerate him, he endured accusations that he — a 32-year-old African American comic, cook and Black Lives Matter activist — was a liar.

It was his word against his three alleged assailants. Alleged assailant No. 1 was 42-year-old Carlos Zapata, militia member and co-founder of the ultra-conservative Red White and Blueprint movement that’s documenting an attempted recall of three Republican Shasta County supervisors. Alleged assailant No. 2 was 40-year-old Elizabeth Bailey, a Zapata employee who works at his Palomino Room restaurant in Red Bluff (also the daughter of Nadine Bailey, a prominent fixture in North State Republican politics and rural issues). Finally, alleged assailant No. 3 was 45-year-old Chris Meagher, Bailey’s boyfriend, also known on social media as Red Red, someone with a history of criminal activity and violent encounters. (By the way, Meagher’s name is pronounced Meyer, like the lemon, not meager, as in deficient in quantity or quality.)

For 59 days, Pinkney wondered if the surveillance videos would ever become public.

Today is that day.

Yesterday A News Cafe received the surveillance videos, not from RPD, but from an anonymous source who leaked the videos to ANC for exclusive review. The most salient moments have been broken into separate videos.

long article with videos and photos. Redding PD lies.

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