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JustAnotherGen's Journal
JustAnotherGen's Journal
June 27, 2018

Black Voters for Trump/Immigration

For my journal -

Minorities 'increased' GOP votes for Trump.

Ties to recent post about blacks being the reason for Trumps treatment of asylum seekers.

June 27, 2018

From JAG - in case you pop in

This is interesting. There is a certain specific type that will always take jabs at well educated affluent black women. Our confidence is described as something else. Noting this thread for a reason.

April 5, 2017

Joseph DiGenova - Maddow Apr 4th - ties to Erik Prince - Susan Rice


Fast forward to about 40 minutes into the show.

She starts with Digenova's involvement in the Clinton/Lewinsky fiasco. 300 times he and his wife commented in early 1998 on the "happening".

He was in on the Clinton nonsense (LIES) in 2016.

Now this week - it comes out that Erik Prince of Frontier Service based in Hong Kong - formerly of Blackwater now named something else . . .had a "back channel" meeting with a Russian official prior to Trump taking office.

It's The Intercept - I apologize in advance but they covered it:
Reference Points:
Money laundering investigation - his new company:

Frontier Services Group

50 minutes into the show - Andrea Mitchell is on the show talking about the diversions away from Russia. It pivots off Digenova's shenanigans. Digenova who started the Susan Rice nonsense.

Stay with me here . . .

Digenova's wife? The 300 comments on the Clinton investigation by Ken Starr in 1998?

Guess what her name is?

Victoria Toensing.

Who has been Erik Prince's attorney and spokesperson aside from his now third wife Katherine Stacy Deluke Capace Prince? (She's the one who posted the pictures on Facebook from Trump HQ on election night)

Victoria Toensing.

Reference Point:

Blackwater founder Erik Prince goes to war against a former business partner

We all knew it was bullshit about Rice - but now we know who planted this non story . . .and why.

I'll be watching Maddow tonight. I've got a feeling she's going to make the connection tonight.

Digenova - married to Erik Prince's attorney Toensing - placed this diversion Nothing Burger in the media.

Stay strong Susan Rice! If Toensing is going after you - you are doing the right thing and have done the right thing.

This Administration knows Susan Rice can connect the dots. So does Erik Prince. I think he was unmasked.
Missing entry

Missing entry

September 6, 2016

I've tried not to comment on it

There are so many other things to comment on with Trump - but . . .

This has some serious force behind it.

Meet Chandler Smith - the mom of 3 from Ohio who kind of formed the 'Vote Trump Get Dumped' thing.
Here she says she, "never considered herself much of a political activist"

She might not be, but her father is Steven Baer.

Vote Trump Get Dumped was founded by an Ohio woman named Chandler Smith and her husband Blake. Baer is Chandler Smith’s father. He was once described by the National Review as a conservative mega-donor and “the world’s most successful email harasser,” known for sending “combative and colorful e-mail missives...to a who’s-who list of power brokers in the conservative world.”

I called Baer. In an hour-long phone call, he told me that he was not in “direct contact” with Katie Johnson. That said, he added, “I’ve seen her on video and spoken to her on the phone. Although of course we can always be fooled.”

Baer then launched into a passionate diatribe against Donald Trump, whom he saw as the destruction of everything the Party of Lincoln holds dear. He said he and his wife became “Never Trumpers” after the South Carolina primaries. “The way it happened for us is we decided we were opposed to Trump,” he said. “We see him as a very dangerous person for the Republic. We see him as a Mussolini or Hitler type. And we discovered in South Carolina that he’s also a terrible misogynist.”

Baer told me he learned of the rape allegations from none other than Al Taylor, who he said showed him an explosive video of Johnson outlining her claims.

Check out Steven Baer's 'email list'. He's brutal to elected Republican officials. Just BRUTAL. He believe he is King Shit in the Republican/Conservative movement and has even had a cease and desist from Paul Ryan!

I think with this a few days away - the shit is going to get real for Trump. This shit is getting real!
June 26, 2016

Recognize Your Privilege

Recognize your privilege.

With the sting of the mass shooting in Orlando at an LGBTQ nightclub still present, the community is grieving. And we're being reminded about how many struggles we face and how much privilege we don't have. It's a time when allies need to account for their unearned privilege, especially when entering our space.

"From their place of privilege, many heterosexual people have never really had to be concerned for their safety if they're holding hands with their partner in public or how they are presenting their gender," Fallarino says. "It's important to be mindful of that privilege."

Keeping your privilege in mind is something the LGBTQ folks around you may not be able to notice, but it's something that will shape how you think of yourself and your role in our celebration

Lather, rinse, repeat. Over, and over, and over again.

I cosign this OP.
May 15, 2016

Truth being told again!

You best believe that if a 59% rise in the number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty could be blamed on immigrants, Mexicans, or black folk, it would be a regular conservative talking point.

Instead, Donald Trump has never mentioned these fallen officers on the campaign trail because it may have very well been his supporters who did the shooting for all he knows.

It appears that blue lives only matter to popular conservatives when they are taken by somebody they can easily demonize
. In the meantime, police groups continue to protest a black woman when a black woman hasn't killed an officer in years.
March 23, 2016

Story /Screenplay

Thanks! Adding to my journal!

February 23, 2016

Actually you have to go back prior to Clinton

The majority of us were red lined into poorer communities due to FHA policies implemented in the 1930's. Add in disparities in mortgage lending for 70 years - it's not Glass Steagall related.

How the banks got away with it - IS G.S. That legislation must be implemented immediately. We cannot afford to help anyone who can't pay us back. Notice I refer to a bank as a person because we have that stupidity (corporate person hood to contend with ).

Blaming the Bill Clinton for FDR's assery isn't fair. Clinton like everyone else went along with the status quo. The last person to call it out got fired by Nixon - that was George Romney - Mitt's daddy.

Blacks were disproportionately impacted because if you only had $500 in wealth and it dropped to $100 - you weren't wealthy in the first place.

The homes people bought for 70/74 years were in neighborhoods the Federal Government designed to keep black people in one place.

The post WW II infrastructure development aided and abetted white Americans in their flight to the suburbs - and FHA policy was created to trigger their departure.

Even if you bought a home in South West Rochester NY in 1950 or South Plainfield NJ in 2003 - you were buying in neighborhoods Fed Gov designed to NOT accumulate wealth in home value. If you were trapped in Newark in 1970 - your children received a sub standard education and your grandchildren are receiving one now.

We need to have honesty in when this all started and who started it and WHY.

It cannot be corrected or improved if we worship at the altar of FDR and won't acknowledge that in order to win - black people - much like Japanese people - had to lose. The internment camps closed.

The FHA policies continued for two more decades.

Of note - my granddaddy - Morehouse educated man - paid Eisenhower's top tax rate in the 1950's. His property taxes in Alabama were grabbed for white schools. He bought the black school buses and modernized his children's school behind the backs of the White Citizens Council.

Please don't tax us to death when we (including myself) continue that tradition of putting oxygen masks on our own communities first with our disposable resources.

We trusted the New Deal and received nothing. Thank God Truman ensured the education benefits of the GI Bill could be used by black vets if a college allowed them in. That was a good thing. But what came before and after was NOT good.

Every time you throw Bill away - throw Frank away too. There were only two bright spots for black Americans getting ahead until 2009 and their names were Dwight and Lyndon.

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