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JustAnotherGen's Journal
JustAnotherGen's Journal
February 23, 2016

Screenplay idea - journal

February 13, 2016

He wasn't leadership

He didn't get beaten.

He didn't stand where he lived.

He wasn't two people over from MLK.

I don't care about photo gate - I think it's silly that people are twisted over it. We know Sanders did the north east liberal thing to do and marched on Washington. Hell! My mom and her parents were there and they were white folks from California.

At no time however would she (a teenager at the time) says she was this huge part of the movement. The people getting beaten to a pulp, attacked by dogs, lynched, and fire hosed were the big part.

Where the derision comes from is this idea (not you but the way some people write) that Sanders was the master mind. He was in secret meetings. He built the lunch counters. A march does not a Leader Make. Lewis was a little pup who had not one fuck to give about his life.

What was it worth in the USA at that time anyways?

Nothing. He was my dad's contemporary and grew up in the same cesspool of everything that was wrong with America in his face everyday. If folks want to tout Sanders sympathy towards the black civil rights movement - that's fine.

But let it stand alone.

It has nothing to do with John Lewis and he shouldn't be placed on the same pillar as Lewis.

It didn't happen like that.

It did not.

And I want people to stop trying to delude themselves that it's Sanders who was at the signing for his efforts.

He was not there.

February 10, 2016

He needs to tell us the middle point plan

From the cities -

In addition to the physical violence faced by too many in our country we need to look at the lives of black children and address some difficult facts. Black children, who make up just 18 percent of preschoolers, account for 48 percent of all out-of-school suspensions before kindergarten. We are failing our black children before kindergarten. Black students are expelled at three times the rate of white students. Black girls are suspended at higher rates than all other girls and most boys. According to the Department of Education, African-American students are more likely to suffer harsh punishments — suspensions and arrests — at school. Black students attend schools with higher concentrations of first-year teachers when compared with white students. Black students are more than three times as likely to attend schools where fewer than 60 percent of teachers meet all state certification and licensure requirements.

So he sees the issues we have from pre to high school.

Now this -
Communities of color also face the violence of economic deprivation. Let’s be frank: neighborhoods like those in west Baltimore, where Freddie Gray resided, suffer the most. However, the problem of economic immobility isn’t just a problem for young men like Freddie Gray. Despite hard-work and the will to get ahead, millions of Americans spend their entire lives struggling to survive on the economic treadmill.

He then speaks to the mortgage crisis. However, he doesn't address why these were neighborhoods tat were accessible to black people. IE FDR's housing administration which assisted with the expansion of Mr. Crow's segregation.

et us not forget: It was the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street that nearly drove the economy off of a cliff seven years ago. While millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes, life savings and ability to send their kids to college, African-Americans who were steered into expensive subprime mortgages were the hardest hit.

I don't disagree with who was the hardest hit - but Wall Street merely took advantage of a situation that George Romney lost his job for pointing out during the Nixon Administration. Wall Street is no different than the share cropping farmer - the laws were present to allow the abuse. They were just trying to make a buck off of a group's misery - and the racism at the core of what America is allowed the laws (or lack thereof) in he first place.

Then -

We need to give our children, regardless of their race or income, a fair shot at attending college. That’s why all public universities should be made tuition free. We should pay for that with a tax on Wall Street speculators.

How does he prepare these kids? September 2017? He points out that from pre School on black children are at an unfair disadvantage. What specifically happens - what is the plan to shore up our pre, elementary, middle and high schools? Is it a money grab from middle class and wealthy districts to provide economic parity? What if NJ does it without Fed Gov - how does he got to the future legislators in Trenton and get them to legislate - We are grabbing property tax dollars from the town because D.C says we have to give money to Biloxi. To offset this loss we are raising your personal income taxes and and property taxes even more. We are instituting a sales tax on clothing purchases. Your Federal Tax dollars are not enough. Sorry folks in Camden and Newsrk - we realize you are struggling under our cost of living but you now make $20 an hour, you are now Rich according to Fed Gov and so your small gain must now be sent out of state.

I know those assholes in Trenton will do it just like that. :

We must invest $5.5 billion to create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged young Americans who face high unemployment rates and job-training opportunities for hundreds of thousands of young adults. We should pay for that by ending the loophole allowing Wall Street hedge fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than nurses or truck drivers
I don't disagree with closing the loophole - but will those job training opportunities be part of the free college plan - or would he allow my state to keep more tax revenue to implement a BOCES program in par with New York's (the one in place in the 80's and 90's). Could we do that first? Before we implement free college - can we first address the needs in public high schools? The ones that have been neglected? The ones still being marginalized by a Housing Policy implemented in 1934 whose impact is felt on our inner cities today?

We must increase the minimum wage to a livable wage of $15 an hour by 2020 —which will increase the wages of about half of African-Americans and nearly 60 percent of Latinos
Business owners in high cost of living states need tax breaks as they move towards the higher minimum wage model because it needs to be at least $20 in NJ, NY, CA etc etc. The better jobs are centered around major cities with office complex bordering the burbs. We cheated ourselves out of a solid public transportation system. So those black folks in the inner cities will need access to those jobs. There's two ways - car purchase. Or live close enough to the city to take public transport. Either way - renting an apartment or paying for a vehicle is going to eat out of the $20 very quickly in my state. $20 minimum wage needs to be subsidized for small business owners in wealthy states.

We must invest $1 trillion to put 13 million Americans to work rebuilding our crumbling cities, roads, bridges, public transportation systems, airports, drinking water systems and other infrastructure needs. We should pay for that by closing offshore tax loopholes.
We must pass federal legislation to ensure pay equity for women.
We must prevent employers from discriminating against applicants based on criminal history by “banning the box.”
We must promote policies to give the formerly incarcerated an opportunity for education, including expanding the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program and reentry programs.
We need to ensure access to quality affordable childcare for working families, especially for parents who work non-traditional hours.
We must fundamentally re-write our trade policies and rebuild factories that were closed as a result of bad trade deals

He should drop the last section I excerpted and speak to the mid way.

What is in between free college and pre school. Nothing addresses that 34 years that put black people into redlined communities. Then address that vocational training. Can he state - will his long term supporters support -

Vocational Training. September 2017 every under Performing inner city school district will have HVAC certification, Solar Panel certification (younger nephew paying $20 K in tandem with attending Rutgers on academic scholarship so I know the cost), soldering, CNC lathe, industrial welding etc etc. We will pay for it for a Federal Tax across the board regardless of your income or wealth Level because we as a country must "repair" what was broken during the New Deal which really was designed to benefit only white Americans.

I'm not letting Clinton off the hook either. However you linked to Senator Sanders site so that is what I addressed.

There is 13 years of education missing in his racial justice plan and he's letting middle class white Americans 50 and older off the hook. They shouldn't be.

January 30, 2016

Why just America as it relates to

The United States should consider reparations to African-American descendants of slavery, establish a national human rights commission and publicly acknowledge that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was a crime against humanity, a United Nations working group said Friday.

The Nations The Benefitted The Most From Enslaving African People

According to Harper’s magazine (November 2000), the United States stole an estimated $100 trillion for 222,505,049 hours of forced labor between 1619 and 1865, with a compounded interest of 6 percent.

Between 1761 and 1808, British traders hauled 1,428,000 African captives across the Atlantic and pocketed $96.5 million – about $13 billion in value today – from selling them as slaves.

With over 1,600,000 enslaved Africans transported to the West Indies, France was clearly a major player in the trade. Its slave ports were a major contributor to the country’s economic advancements in the 18th century. Many of its cities on the west coast, such as Nantes, Lorient, La Rochelle, and Bordeaux, built their wealth through the major profits of triangular slave trade.

Slave labor created vast sources of wealth for the Dutch in the form of precious metals, sugar, tobacco, cocoa, coffee and cotton and other goods, and helped to fund the creation of Amsterdam’s beautiful and famous canals and city center.

Portugal was the first of all European countries to become involved in the Atlantic slave trade.  From the 15th to 19th century, the Portuguese exported 4.5 million Africans as slaves to the Americas, making it Europe’s largest trafficker of human beings.

Starting in 1492, Spain was the first European country to colonize the New World, where they established an economic monopoly in the territories of Florida and other parts of North America, Mexico, Trinidad, Cuba and other Caribbean islands. The native populations of these colonies were mostly dying from disease or enslavement, so the Spanish were forced to increasingly rely on African slave labor to run their colonies.

another post on this topic

The UN's intent is positive. I'm glad they are looking at it. But if we are looking at Reparations and statements of Apology -

1. There are five other countries that they are letting get away with ten kinds of murder. I don't care about their financial issues now, their instability, their focus on thir colonialist behavior in Africa, Asia and the old New World, their refugees from Africa and the Middle East etc etc. Dodge, deflect, defer - IF they are allowed to Deny the blood and misery on their OWN hands at the UN.

2. They in their high and mighty we are so above it all approach aren't understanding what will really help black Americans when any discussions of Reparations for American inflicted oppression should start. We need to start in the 20 th century.

If we start there - then again they are forced to hold a mirror up to themselves - From their causing the Rwandan genocide, to the Rape of Nanking, to 11 million Jews, Gypsies, Gays, "undesirables" in Europe etc etc to their ignoring Apartheid , etc etc.

Start when it matters or don't start at all. And we all know this is just grand standing. No country will ever come to the rescue of black Americans.

We are on our own here. Nice symbolic gesture but - they won't help us.

January 26, 2016

Birth of a Nation, Oscars (so white in 2017?) and challenging corporate America

Start Here:

I follow Sundance on social media and yesterday evening what popped up on Facebook? A backstage view of the opening of Birth of a Nation 2016.


‘Birth Of A Nation’ Electrifies Sundance Crowd In World Premiere

Without an honest confrontation, there is no healing.” That’s from Birth Of A Nation director-producer-star Nate Parker today onstage at the Sundance Film Festival. In what I have to say was one of the most emotional experiences I’ve had at a movie theater, Parker world premiered what he called his seven-year “passion project.” His telling of the early 19th century slave revolt led by Nat Turner had audience members crying in their seats and jumping to their feet in a prolonged standing ovation at the film’s conclusion.

Potential buyers for the film streamed out of the lobby mere minutes after the cast had left the stage post-screening. Some worked multiple cell phones (with assistants standing nearby fielding calls of their own) in what appeared to be fevered discussions about the awards-bait film.

Speaking to the packed Eccles Theater crowd with almost the entire cast beside him after the lights came up, Parker said, “I made this movie for one reason only, creating change agents,” adding, “there are still a lot of injustices in our world.”

It was not an easy road for Nate Parker.

A few days after actor Nate Parker finished shooting the R&B romance Beyond the Lights in late 2013, he met with his agents and told them he would not be acting again — not until he could play American revolutionary Nat Turner.

"I was willing to stick to that — and if it was my lot to never act again, so be it," says Parker, who didn't work for nearly two years, instead spending every minute — and nearly every dime — trying to get his passion project made.

The result is The Birth of a Nation, premiering in Sundance's U.S. Dramatic Competition. Parker, 36, wrote, produced, directed and stars in the drama, playing Turner, a slave who led an 1831 rebellion in Southampton County, Va. He has been writing the script for his version of Turner's story for seven years but has been carrying the story around with him for much longer

Further down at the same link:
Parker, who had written and directed a couple of short films, became determined to write for himself, and, through a fellowship with the Sundance Lab, was connected with mentors such as Walk the Line writer-director James Mangold to help him hone the story he wanted Hollywood to hear. But what he heard instead were all the reasons a movie about Nat Turner wouldn't work: Movies with black leads don't play internationally; a period film with big fight scenes would be too expensive; it was too violent; it wouldn't work without a big box-office star leading it; Turner was too controversial — after all, he was responsible for the deaths of dozens of well-off white landowners.

See the thing is, Turner existed. He's as much a fabric of America as Robert E. Lee. He was here. He was not a work of fiction. He was a 'radical'. He was rebellious. He embodied every single characteristic of the 'Founding Fathers' who fought at Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga, Lexington, Concord, etc. etc.

“They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power.”
― Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty or give me death."
- Patrick Henry

“Our cruel and unrelenting Enemy leaves us no choice but a brave resistance, or the most abject submission; this is all we can expect - We have therefore to resolve to conquer or die: Our own Country's Honor, all call upon us for a vigorous and manly exertion, and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world. Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid of the supreme Being, in whose hands Victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble Actions - The Eyes of all our Countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the Tyranny meditated against them. Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and shew the whole world, that a Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth.”
― George Washington

I assume everyone in this group is aware of where he got his title from - in case you aren't aware -

And for those who say - wait - there are other more pressing issues that the Corporate America that Hollywood with its huge exports abroad each year represents . . . I say no time is better than now. These are the days where Emmett Till is confused with Tamir Rice. The time is now.

The rest of the world - much like America - better learn to accept that WE are the real America. We are Americans. Our stories and lives and the lives of our ancestors matter. They helped build this country without the rights and HUMAN dignity that white Americans were provided. If those outside of America can't handle it then so be it. We do not have to subjugate our creativity and will to theirs. They don't SURVIVE here. And Mr. Turner - he might not have ultimately 'survived' here - but his rebellion certainly was an integral part of the birth of our nation as we know it today.

I will be going to see this movie - making it a priority when it releases. Based upon the standing ovation and the cell phones being hammered by buyers yesterday afternoon -

I think it's safe to say that the Oscars won't be so white next year - and the nominations won't be for cowering slaves and victimized maids. You know what? It's about god damned time!

Bravo Sundance and Mr. Redford. Your comments last year when you did your round table with Lucas - and your comments a few days ago make sense. Thanks for a safe space to display 'America' beyond the struggles of white men.

January 21, 2016

I don't believe it about O'Malley at all

His record is one of careful measured navigation to get things done within the framework he walks into. He is on the cusp of Gen X and it shows in how he does everything. In that smile and appeal to move America forward I also see that cynical assholism that I respect.

So i have zero expecation that he will get his three key initiatives done in 90 days. He's not talking about a revolution. Or a total decimation of how America works today. He could reimplement Glass Steagall in the first 90 days with the Republican House. There's a will to do it.

However - energy - minimum two years. He needs to allow the green focused industries time to develop thir lobbying efforts in the house and show how money can be me made by individual Americans. His record as Mayor and Governor - change course when necessary. When he speaks to American cities - he speaks to those who were redlined into those hell holes.

My laughter and derision comes from standing at the bottom of the valley of comeuppance. I have nothing in common with those on the left who can't wait for Obama to leave office. Many are Sander supporters who are angry that he didn't do every single thing they wanted. They are real quick to say, "What did he do for black people?". As You did. Here's number one - HE WON. TWICE. FAIR. ON THE UP AND UP.

As a person whose parent were black/white - he also shattered the "but what about the children' myth. Well the poor little mixed children can grow up to be the President.

So - I will hold my nose and vote for the Magical Sanders if he is the nominee - because I'm a Democrtic Party member. However - Sanders supporters should prepare themselves - there are people who know they are going to be disappointed and after they have treated Obama - they are going to hear: Whose A POS Used Car Salesman now? And nope - I'm not talking about at DU.

I'm talking about the people who knocked on my door on Sunday to try and get Sanders on the ballot here in June. They can't speak in depth about WIIFM - so I'm not signing it. Then to get angry? Ha! When I stand at my front door, pull up your candidates website and can't find a white paper abou the revolution - I'm not giving him the signature.

First things first - when Sanders supporters say they want a new FDR - they are talking about (when the don't give details) a seizing my home and/or making it illegal for me to live here.

Note - I'm extremely involved local politics /township driving initiatives to Trenton. This is a borough on the upswing. Without folks like me whose income has doubled since 2008 living here? These historic homes don't get renovated, the craft breweries don't come, the wine tapas places don't come . . . Make it illegal for us to live/own homes here - iE the recent influx of affluent blacks and immigrants and Hispanics - you will kill this town. And my investment (restoration costs) of my home.

Your job? Convince your fellow Sander supporters to drop this FDR nonsense. Black Americans are firmly planted in ths century and are focused on moving forward. There was nothing good for us in the good old days.

One last thing - its not hyperbole. In my line of business if things aren't written in stone - then anything left open to interpretation gets fucked up. What this revolution entails must be written in stone. FDR's policies - will send us back to Sharecropping in gunny sacks.

December 22, 2015

Stepping in gently

Those black DUers who have been indentified as house 'n-words' by a member at Jackpine Radical on twitter -

We aren't anti semites. You can find quite a few of my posts giving my heritage where I make clear that I have direct relations who are/were Jewish. As well - I'm counted on by a few folks to stand up and clearly call b.s. on blatant anti-semitism posts that survive juries at DU.

SOME - SOME of us - black folks - found Manny to be a 'pat the negro on the head and tell them what they are supposed to be concerned about' type of person. This goes back a few years ago this February (black history month).

Doesn't make him a blatant bigot - just . . . it's not anti semitism in some quarters. He earned being not liked or dislike - just - dismissed as an 'online persona'. Not too this, not too that.

He offended in a big way, never apologized, and so a lot of folks had him in their personal trash pile for a few years (predating the Hillary Clinton Supporters site). Just not someone we'd ever have in our homes because he would be expecting fried chicken and watermelon and be upset at grilled chilean sea bass and arugula salad. No point in inviting him. Right?

I just want to make clear - my personal dismissal of him - had nothing to do with his religion. I don't have it in me to think like that - let alone make jokes about someone's race or religion with snide, vicious little stereotype and 'don't be such ninnies' type language.

Is it possible there IS some anti semitism involved?

You betcha.

There are some sick blatant anti-semites on this site - but if I point them out . . . not good. I put that in the same bucket as accusing someone of being a racist. For the record - bravenak said someone's words were racist, got a hide, and Skinner supported it (the hide) and the person she justly accused of this language survived here for a few more years.

I just don't think blaming it on a spinoff site when juries at DU have allowed it to occur and stand - is something I agree with.

December 3, 2015

You should go to his Facebook page

And make that suggestion. I'm of no help - I don't wear foundation so probably couldn't advise him on a good choice. But if he wants to talk hair or create a burn book I'm good at that. And then we can wax our bikini lines!

November 15, 2015

It made the National News right?

Good, bad, indifferent America has engaged in alienating behavior. We are alienated. Our black youth - are extremely alienated.

When alienated - this is what you get.

I'm using the word 'alienate' because I've seen it used by white posters at DU the past few days to describe how these actions and words make them feel on a personal level. There have been these outpouring of emotions posts that I don't understand. I'm trying to though.

They are shocked at the words, the signs, the actions - we had a DUer try to get a SOP lock on an op in the AfAm group this past week because someone posted a comedian's video where she uses laughter and humor to show how it " feels" when non blacks speak over blacks to explain to us why/what we should be feeling. The video thread is still on the main page. In the thread you can see where I posted the Alert to Group Hosts Content.

Our very language and laughter at the nightmare the country is for us is now an affront to America.

That's an alienating concept

And I agree on destruction in black neighborhoods - but BLM pre dates Ferguson - it started with a teenager named Trayvon.

This isn't going away any time soon.

So how can get non black Americans who are disturbed by ALL of it to understand that. It's the new normal. And they have to accept it. Don't have o like it or agree with it - but have to accept that the anger from sustained relentless alienation is there.

Tell us how to help them accept it. Help us to help come to terms with it . . .

October 28, 2015

The not comparing to other countries I agree with

And it goes to the black American experience.

We started as selfish wealthy colonists who over turned our Monarchy. The best "other example" since they overturned the power of the same country is India. But that wasn't the wealthy who made it happen there - disconnect.

When they overturned the power structure three things remained in place -
People as commodities - Slaves/Black Americans
People removal to benefit the expansion of commerce - Natives
People Indentured to support commerce - Indentured Servants . . . Many from what is now Great Britain.

All three allowed for Capitalism to be cemented in our culture. That's why on the face of the I Am A Man Garbage men movement it appears to be a move towards labor/socialism -

But in reality it was a move against the government of that city, state, country to treat all EARNERS equally. To a fair wage for a black man who might have liked to support his family without dependence on social welfare programs.

You have to contrast their desire to make a buck and live independently with the White Male City, State, Country Union employees who COULD support their families.

It was about equal access to capital so they could build wealth. It was about their wives and children being able to rely on the government he paid taxes to - in the event of his death on the job. So - his children had a shot in the US.

People say - well some do - that The Great Gatsby is the great American novel. It's about desire - one being to be a part of the "American Dream". I say - that American Dream of prosperity and affluence - a decent life - it was never ours.

Until a shot rang out . . .

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