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Phony IRS “Scandal” — We’ve Been O’Keefe’d Again

...It turns out the IRS was NOT singling out “Tea Party” groups for audits. The IRS was scrutinizing ALL groups applying for c4 status by asking additional questions. No audits. And only SOME (1/3) of those groups were conservatives — OTHERS were liberal, etc. Doesn’t matter, the right put out a victimization story making it sound like only conservatives were targeted for political reasons. (And Christians are a persecuted minority, Whites are discriminated against, etc.) The “mainstream” news media picked up and spread the lie, and here we are.

Again: Only 1/3 of the organizations that received extra scrutiny were conservative. The rest are not identified, but liberal and progressive organizations are reporting that their applications received the same scrutiny as conservatives. (And by the way almost 70% of the applications that were flagged WERE engaged in campaign activity that would disqualify them from c4 status.)...

Look at how MANY of us fell for one more “pimp costume” story.

James O’Keefe never wore a “pimp costume” into an ACORN office, and conservative groups were not singled out for scrutiny by the IRS. But because of the right’s ability to spread these smears both are now firmly “true” in the public mind. Partly because the rest of us fell for it and helped amplify it.


@SpyTalker: William E. #Colby: The Gray Man

The Gray Man:
‘Shadow Warrior,’ by Randall B. Woods

Published: May 3, 2013

William E. Colby, right, with another former director of central intelligence, George H. W. Bush, in 1978.

During the Vietnam War, Bill Colby of the Central Intelligence Agency ran the Phoenix program, which set out to “neutralize” the Viet Cong by capturing or killing them. In 1972, when Colby came home to a nation that had turned against the war, his face began appearing around Washington on “Wanted” posters. He was jeered on the street and peppered with death threats. Every day at 5 a.m., he was awakened at home by the same crank caller, accosting him as a murderer and a war criminal. Colby did not bother to get his home number changed. Instead, he began to use the predawn call as an alarm clock...

In “Shadow Warrior,” we get the occasional glimpse of emotion. When one of his young sons began arguing with him about the morality of the Vietnam War, Colby became “red-faced,” the son recalled, and “shouted that war was brutal — it brutalized everyone who came into contact with it — but sometimes there was no alternative. He himself, he admitted, had killed men in war, even with his bare hands.” But such moments of self-­revelation are fleeting. Mostly Colby presented himself as Galahad in a fallen world, a modest knight to be sure, but bent on finding the grail amid sin and corruption. “He was a man who could distinguish between illusion and reality,” Woods, a professor of history at the University of Arkansas, writes. “Or so he convinced himself.”

In 1954, President Eisenhower commissioned Gen. James Doolittle to write a secret report on the state of American intelligence. Faced with an “implacable enemy,” the report found, the West would have, in effect, to fight fire with fire. Fair play was out: dirty tricks were in.

The realpolitik of the cold war raised an ancient philosophical question: If you adopt the underhanded tactics of the enemy, if you stoop to his level, do you become like him? Colby does not seem to have been troubled by the problem. He did not become a drunk or turn half-mad like so many spies and spy chasers of that tortured time, most notably James Jesus Angleton, the head of counterintelligence, who was Colby’s antagonist at the C.I.A. Colby was always rather a Boy Scout (indeed, he led a Boy Scout troop when he was at home on the weekends, and worshiped at the Church of the Little Flower). ...


Blackwater/ Xe is just a corporate front organization for the CIA

DUer Jeffersons Ghost nailed it more or less...

Blackwater/ Xe is just a corporate front organization for the CIA

Why is the White House under siege in so many movies?



Why is the Corporatocracy so afraid of this alternative economic model?

So invested in undermining it?

23 Terrifying (But True) Facts About Big Corporations

Since Walker's inauguration, Wisconsin ranks dead last in job creation

Helluva job, Scotty.


"Carlos": the James O'Keefe of Menendezgate?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Is this "Carlos," the man who tried to frame a senator?

I had not intended to write about the Bob Menendez "prostitution" scandal, in which a woman in the Dominican Republic was paid to make false accusations against a senator. But take a look at this TPM story about the search for the mystery-man Carlos, who seems to have engineered the scam. My question: How on earth did Erich Lach of TPM manage to write that piece without mentioning either the Breitbart crew or James O'Keefe's "Project Veritas"?

Cah-MON. This stunt has O'Keefe written all over it. Did you know that O'Keefe has a particular grudge against Senator Menendez and has targeted him previously?

The O'Keefe crew love to sexualize their pseudo-stings, in large part because they are young guys who think about sex often, as young guys are wont to do. But I'm sure that they also grin and guffaw when online feminists (either real ones or sockpuppets) post comments presuming the guilt of anyone who, like Robert Menendez, has committed the crime of being born with a penis...

For a lot more, see here. Yes, "Breitbart Unmasked" is back, even though I seem to recall that the site had announced that the shop would be closing. A writer calling himself Xenephon suggests that "Carlos" may be a James O'Keefe associate named John Melvin Howting. Not long ago, Howting was a staffer for Republican congressman Thad McCotter...


Peace is a dangerous business...

JFK died later the same year he delivered his famous "Peace" Speech too:

JFK chides his friend Bob Byrd at the start of a Peace Speech 50 years ago...

JFK chides his friend Bob Byrd at the start of a Peace Speech 50 years ago...

NASCAR has rewarded their righwingitude...

They'll be the Grand Marshalls at an upcoming race...
@dcaraviello: M'ville grand marshal Mark Burnett a fascinating guy. Great recent interview on faith, military service, and success: http://www.esquire.com/features/man-at-his-best/q-and-a/mark-burnett-interview-0313


@MartinsvilleSwy: 'The Bible' producers, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey grand marshals for #STP500 @MartinsvillerSwy.http://www.martinsvillespeedway.com/Articles/2013/03/the-bible.aspx


At least it's not the race being sponsored by the NRA .. So there's that.

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