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Wisconsin Recall: Citizen United, Grisham, Hot Coffee, and Koch

Thanks .. Wisc Progressive.

I figured it couldn't just be Walker's sterling record and winning personality getting him elected.

The Wisconsin Recall Aftermath: Scott Walker Steps Right Up into the Pocket of Those Who Got Him There

Wisconsin Recall: Citizen United, Grisham, Hot Coffee, and Koch

Johnny Cash sings "Man In Black" for the first time

Johnny's musical answer to the question about why he always wore black.
I wear the black for the poor and beaten down...

each week we lose a hundred fine young men...

Of course Johnny might have been Dixie Chick'd if he was starting out today with those lyrics.

sponsored by Merck & Co?

Parallax View & All the President's Men

Here are clips from the 2 movies Michael Cuesta based Messenger on..


Parallax View


Great line from the movie:
Fred Weil: Some stories are just too true to tell.

Jeremy Renner is excellent as Gary Webb - Parallax View meets All the President's Men

Jeremy Renner has the blockbuster franchises (Avengers, Bourne, Mission Impossible...) to fall back on so I give him a ton of credit for taking time, and probably some of his own money too, to bring some real history to the movies. Not only with Kill the Messenger but the Abscam movie too.

On the dvd commentary the director (Michael Cuesta) draws comparisons to All the President's Men and Parallax View. The cast is very good also .. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosemarie DeWitt, Robert Patrick ..

Big Thumbs Up



@lisapease: Listing of some COINTELPRO techniques, from the Church Committee report

@lisapease: FBI efforts to prevent anti-war groups (and speakers like Bernie?) from speaking:

Lisa Pease & Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) tweeted about this last night..

COINTELPRO? or a version thereof?


Lisa Pease and Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) were making some interesting observations last night related to Bernie Sanders' Seattle speaking event being disrupted..

@lisapease: Disrupting speaking events and meetings was one of the top 3 COINTELPRO activities, per this from the Church Comm.

The Associated Press ‏@AP VIDEO: Bernie Sanders shoved aside by several Black Lives Matter activists and eventually leaves Seattle event: http://apne.ws/1f13TzZ

Also read: How not to treat your allies & Why Your Rent Is So High and Your Pay Is So Low

Abscam (post-Church Committee)

A few years after the Church Committee finished their business the Intelligence Industrial Complex ran a sting operation targeting members of Congress call Abscam. The intelligence community has not been investigated since..

It certainly would appear that Church Committee proponent and subcommittee chair Senator Richard Schweiker was brought back into line..
@WashTimes: David Keene remembers an unlikely Reaganite http://wtim.es/1SKRi6A #DickSchweiker #politics

"American Hustle" w/Jennifer Lawrence and the Church Committee


Jesse Katz' mea culpa for LA Times hatchet job on Gary Webb

Jesse Katz admits that attacking journalist Gary Webb's CIA-cocaine expose ruined Webb's life
By Nick Schou Thursday, May 30 2013

Nine years after investigative reporter Gary Webb committed suicide, Jesse Katz, a former Los Angeles Times reporter who played a leading role in ruining the controversial journalist's career, has publicly apologized — just weeks before shooting begins in Atlanta on Kill the Messenger, a film expected to reinstate Webb's reputation as an award-winning journalist dragged through the mud by disdainful, competing media outlets.

Webb made history, then quickly fell from grace, with his 20,000-word 1996 investigation, "Dark Alliance," in which the San Jose Mercury News reported that crack cocaine was being peddled in L.A.'s black ghettos to fund a CIA-backed proxy war carried out by contra rebels in Nicaragua...

No journalist played a more central role in the effort to obscure the facts Webb reported than former L.A. Times reporter Katz. But on May 22, Katz, who has penned a Los Angeles magazine story hitting newsstands now that resurfaces the Gary Webb episode, essentially apologized, on KPCC-FM 89.3's AirTalk With Larry Mantle.

Katz was discussing "Freeway Rick Is Dreaming" in the July 2013 issue of Los Angeles magazine, in which he profiles Ricky Ross, the notorious crack-cocaine dealer with whom Katz has a long, tortured relationship. In 1994, shortly after Ross got out of prison for coke trafficking, Katz wrote that Ross was the mastermind of America's crack-cocaine epidemic, at his peak pushing half a million rocks a day.

"If there was one outlaw capitalist most responsible for flooding Los Angeles' streets with mass-marketed cocaine, his name was 'Freeway' Rick," Katz's 1994 L.A. Times article claimed. "Ross did more than anyone else to democratize it, boosting volume, slashing prices and spreading disease on a scale never before conceived."

But Webb's 1996 Mercury News series exposed a startling fact: Ross' mentor and chief supplier, who helped him climb to the top of the crack trade, was Nicaraguan exile Oscar Danilo Blandón Reyes. Blandón belonged to one of Nicaragua's most prominent political families and was a major backer of the "contras" — a rebel movement secretly created by the CIA to overthrow the leftist Sandinista rebels...



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