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grantcart's Journal
grantcart's Journal
July 15, 2020

Oh by the way President Fuckhead

Yesterday was the first day your niece's book was released and based on your sleep deprived Rose Garden melt down you were kept up all night having the worst parts read to you which consisted of pages 1 through 240.

Now we know why Dr. Maddow was off for a few days, Ms. Trump will be on Dr. Maddow's show tomorrow night and you will be so fuck brained after that you won't be able to say things beyond the complexity of "choo choo good, I like red choo choo".

So before you become 100% diminished please issue that Executive Order granting DACA children a legal right to stay here with a path to citizenship.


“One of the aspects of the bill is going to be DACA. We are going to have a road to citizenship,” Trump told Daiz-Balart.

Trump added that “one of the aspects of the bill that you will be very happy with and that a lot of people will be, including me and a lot of Republicans by the way, will be DACA.”

There are three possible options why you would, after 3 1/2 of neglect you now talk about this:

1) Your internal polling is confirming the Dallas/UT poll that you are behind and going to lose in Texas. Out of desperation somebody told you that DACA could save Texas for you.

2) You suddenly realized that you were talking to a Mexican/American Journalist on a Spanish speaking network and "DACA" popped into your brain.

3) Number one happened last week and then the last guy you talked to before going on stage said "Mexican guy, DACA" and that's all you remembered.

So before you fry the last 18 brain cells that are still operational in your head tomorrow night when you watch Dr. Maddow and become permanently disengaged from reality do the right thing for once in your god forsaken life.

Of course he isn't going to. If he had there would have been a dozen leaks and guys like McConnell would have been prepping the Senate and House Caucus to take credit for it.

So this is really for the WH Press Corp. Yell "When is the DACA Executive Order going to be signed" every time you get within 30 feet of him.

July 9, 2020

A little background on Dr. Amish Shah Dem AZ Rep Dist 24, increasingly seen on MSNBC, the real deal

My housemate is also our precinct chairperson and for the last few months I would sit in the living room during their leadership zoom meetings, pretty ho hum until this burst of personality would electrify the meeting, pretty hard to do in a zoom setting.

Who is that guy?


A couple of weeks ago my friend emailed the NBC national reporter and asked why aren't you guys going to Dr. Amish Shah for updates on Covid 19 in Phoenix given that he is an emergency room doctor and a state legislator?

About 10 days later he started appearing frequently on MSNBC including Lawrence tonight.

He is the only politician that I would say is really "Obamaesque" in his intelligence, commitment to serve, charisma and ability to articulate complicated problems in a simple way.

Look at some of the bullet points of his background:

Born and raised in Chicago
BA Northwestern in Economics cum laude
Northwestern University Medical School Honors
International Medical Consultant
Master's in Public Health with full Merit Scholarship at UC Berkeley
Residence in Emergency Medicine at NYC busies Level I trauma center
Won American Academy of Emergency Medicine National Resident Research Competition in
inventing new methods for treating the critically ill.
Full time faculty member Mount Sinai Medical Center NY
Helped NFL improve their emergency management through the NFL Physicians' society
Graduated from U of A Sports Medicine Fellowship
Board Certified in Emergency and Sports Medicine
Founded Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival
Flies small plans
Has a cat named Taylor

He became our Rep in 2015 when he challenged the incumbent Democrat in a primary by knocking on every door in the district. Got almost twice as many votes as one of the incumbents and three times as the other.

Haven't met him but he is so genuine and friendly when I have seen him on the TV I feel like I have known him for years.

This guy would do great at a cabinet level position in the Biden administration and would be a great candidate for high office. I found this passage on his campaign bio very endearing:

Between all the bullying and an unpredictable family situation, I had a pretty rough childhood. There were times I would go to my room and pray that God would just take my life, because there seemed to be no safe place for me. But somewhere around 6th grade, the unexpected happened. Two teachers, Mrs. Weber and Ms. Meres, took an interest in me, not just as a good student, but as a good person. They saw I needed support, and gave me kindness, generosity and encouragement.

Eventually, I paid my own way through medical school, allowing me to build an independent and fulfilling career as an ER doctor. I became a faculty member, educator, researcher, and even worked for the NFL. You see, this story would never be possible in other places like India where my parents grew up. But I was born in America, and the American people cared for me and invested in me.

I know how our kids need our full support and encouragement to reach their potential, especially here in Arizona where we have an underfunded and broken system. So I will fight harder than anyone to make sure every kid gets a real shot like I did. I will demand that teachers get paid well and treated with respect. And anyone who messes with an American kid will have to mess with me.

Just imagine returning to a time when a guy with a funny name, great education and a desire to serve was laser focused on fighting for the principle that every American kid gets a solid chance to participate in the American Dream.

July 7, 2020

Trump's racist campaign is terrible strategy but effective short term tactics

Cable news, political news sites, political discussion boards are all up in arms about what Trump said about the Redskins, NASCAR, Making Bubba apologize and so on.

It is a losing strategy but it is a tactic that is keeping him in the water and in the mix.

If everybody is talking about these shiny objects then what are we not talking about:

1) A pandemic disaster

2) Russian bounty for murdering American soldiers

3) 101 other graft stories (remember how the head of OPM was caught lying before Congress about Trump ordering the killing of the long sought over bipartisan agreement to exchange the Hoover building for a VA campus that would allow all of the FBI to move to a single campus, without costing a dime. This deal which had been a decade in the making would have put a 5 star hotel next to Trump's).

There are literally hundreds of these stories that have just floated by because people are talking about how stupid it is for Trump to talk about the Redskins or the Confederate monument.

4) The politicization of the DOJ

5) The collapse of the EPA

6) Criminal prosecutions related to the Trump foundation, and on and on

Here is an example of a very important story that gets no oxygen in Trumps shiny racist object mobile:


Before the crisis, about 15% of the kids in Flint required special education services. But of the 174 children who went through the extensive neuro-exams, specialists determined that 80% will require help for a language, learning or intellectual disorder.

It is looking like a substantial number of children affected by the lead in the water in Flint are going to be effected with a language, learning or intellectual disorder.

So in order to keep the bad news from the nation's attention he goes with crazy shit. Monument destruction, flag burning, and so on.

Have Kanye West declare for Presidency. Despite having not filed in any state it sucks a little more attention, oxygen out of the room.

Think of it as treading in water. He's just trying to keep people off of serious subjects by pushing their buttons on race. Keep him close enough. Wait for an over reaction. Wait for someone to move from Confederate statues of war criminals to declaring that the Washington and Lincoln Monument must come down. And so on.

He is thinking, "keep my folks riled up, keep them distracted from real crimes, try and provoke an over reaction, and in October we will let loose a surprise".

People speculate that it will likely be some counterfeit charge against Biden but that will be hard to produce and relies on lots of outside specialists.

We should expect false flag operations. i predict a lot of flag burning and other provocations to rile up the wacko right with urban confrontations and Trump bringing in troops to restore order and try and convince enough people that without him chaos will threaten them.

Its not likely to be successful but they have nothing else.

His racist tweets are intended to keep people agitated so they are talking about what he wants and not on the serious crimes, bad practices and policy failures that have been presented every day of his administration. Its why when they ask him for his policy initiatives for the second term he has nothing to say, he can't very well say that he plans to exterminate the riots that are going to erupt in October.

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